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As South Louisiana's premier solar energy company, SUNPRO is committed to delivering the best available solar products from the most experienced design and installation team in the industry. We are committed to delivering the highest quality solar panels to the New Orleans area at the best available prices, backed up by the strongest product and labor warranty on the market today.

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The Truth About Buying vs. Leasing Solar Panels

Don't be fooled into thinking that leasing solar panels is a good idea! The solar company will end up reaping all the benefits that you should be earning, including an 80% tax credit.

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Solar Stories | Piazza Residence [9 kW Array]

After an on the job injury forced Mr. Piazza to leave the workforce earlier than planned and live on a fixed income, he began to search for ways to reduce his monthly living expenses. With a utility bill that averaged more than $350 per month, reducing his electric usage was an obvious place to start. After installing a solar energy system from SUNPRO, The Piazza's were able to reduce their electric bills by 75%.

Solar Stories | Cardinale Residence [9.5 kW Array]

After speaking with their next door neighbor who had already purchased a solar power system from Sunpro, the Cardinales knew they had found the perfect investment for their retirement. The Cardinales installed solar as a hedge against future utility rate increases. The 80% reduction in their electric bill hasn’t been too bad either!

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