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Our mission is to be a leader in the movement toward clean energy and an eco-friendly world. We are committed to delivering the highest quality solar panels at the best available prices, backed up by the strongest product and labor warranty on the market today.

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Uncertain about transitioning to solar energy? Not sure what steps to take next? Take a look at what people around Louisiana are thinking about their dealings with SUNPRO and the change to solar energy.

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SUNPRO Solar Customer Testimonials

Solar Panel Testimonial - The Ungars of Metairie
Solar Panel Testimonial - The Guths of New Orleans
Solar Panel Testimonial - The Dubrocs of Mandeville
Solar Panel Testimonial - The Piazzas of Covington
Energy Expert Paul Lagrange Recommends Sunpro Solar
Why Do Louisiana Residents Choose SUNPRO Solar?
Solar Panel Testimonial - The Jones Family
Solar Panel Testimonial - The Jones Family of New Orleans
Solar Panel Testimonial - The Collonguez Family of New Orleans

Solar Stories | Ungar Residence - Metairie, LA

The Ungars of Metairie are meticulous when it comes to researching and hiring a contractor. Looking into every detail and interviewing most of the solar panel companies in the New Orleans area, they decided to hire SUNPRO Solar. They are pleased with the overall appearance the solar panels, the solid warranties backing their equipment, and the money they’re saving!

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Solar Stories | Guth Residence - New Orleans, LA

For the Guth family, solar panels always seemed like an expensive, unattainable asset. When they started looking into solar panels for their New Orleans home, they realized that with tax incentives and financing plans, they could not only afford solar panels, but also make a profit from them. Since they made the switch to solar, they’ve saved about $35,000 and reduced their energy bills by 65%. With all the money they’ve saved, they are able to start a college fund for their eight-year-old.

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Solar Stories | Jones Residence - New Orleans, LA [11.5 kW Array]

Debbie was concerned about her rising energy bills evert year, so she came to SUNPRO for a solar panel array. With government tax incentives, she had to pay very little out of pocket for the solar system. In three years, Debbie has saved about $7000, and currently pay less than $200 a year in energy bills!

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Solar Stories | Collonguez Residence - New Orleans, LA

As a New Orleans fireman, Chris understands the importance of being energy efficient. His father had solar panels installed by SUNPRO, and Chris had been so impressed with our customer service, that he decided to go solar with us as well. Now, he can sit back and watch as his energy bills dwindle down to virtually nothing, and his solar system pays for itself.

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Solar Stories | Jones Residence - New Orleans, LA

The Jones family was ready to start saving money on their electric bills, and with the warranties provided by SUNPRO Solar of New Orleans, they were able to make the switch with confidence in their investment. Only having to come out of pocket a small amount was also enticing to them, as well as the knowledge that they would earn all their money back (and then some) over time!

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Solar Stories | Piazza Residence - Covington, LA [9 kW Array]

After an on the job injury forced Mr. Piazza to leave the workforce earlier than planned and live on a fixed income, he began to search for ways to reduce his monthly living expenses. With a utility bill that averaged more than $350 per month, reducing his electric usage was an obvious place to start. After installing a solar energy system from Sunpro, The Piazzas were able to reduce their electric bills by 75%.

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Solar Stories | Dubroc Residence - Mandeville, LA [9 kW Array]

Mr. Dubroc is a successful financial advisor with a background in finance and investing. The amazing payback and return on investment (ROI) that is possible with solar panels is what initially led him to contact Sunpro. When presented with a proposal that showed his average ROI would be greater than 20% every year for the next 25 years and a payback of less than 5 years, he was sold. Where else can you find a 100% safe investment that offers guaranteed returns greater than 20% for the next 25 years? We challenge you to find a safer or superior investment to solar energy.

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Solar Stories | Carollo Residence - New Orleans, LA [7 kW Array]

When the Carollos began planning their new construction dream home in Lakeview, they were aware of the financial and long term benefits of solar energy, but weren’t sure how to incorporate it into their new build. Sunpro was able to project their future electric bill before their house was even built, and worked with their builder to ensure a seamless installation. Since moving into their 3,500 sq. foot house, they have enjoyed an average electric bill of $40 per month.

Solar Stories | Borgos Residence - New Orleans, LA [7 kW Array]

The installation and commissioning of the system at the Borgos residence went off without a hitch. In fact, since the installation they have not had to purchase any electricity from their utility as the system has generated enough power to cover 100% of their electric bills. The only problem they have had is that since we showed them how to reduce their consumption as part of going solar, the system is making more power every month than they need. They are starting to think of ways they can be a little less energy efficient so they can use up the ever increasing credit on their utility bill every month.

Solar Stories | Cardinale Residence - Mandeville, LA [9.5 kW Array]

After speaking with their next door neighbor who had already purchased a solar power system from Sunpro, the Cardinales knew they had found the perfect investment for their retirement. The Cardinales installed solar panels as a hedge against future utility rate increases. The 80% reduction in their electric bill hasn’t been too bad either!

Solar Stories | Haas Residence - Metairie, LA [10 kW Array]

The Haas family was only a few years away from retirement. They had their house, cars, and all of their bills paid off, but the electric bills just kept on coming. And kept coming they did, and the only constant was every year they kept increasing. When Sunpro showed the Haases how a solar panel system could generate 90% of their energy needs guaranteed for the next 25 years, they were sold.

Solar Stories | Curley Vacation Home - Slidell, LA [5.25 kW Array]

When Dr. Curley set out to build his vacation home “on the bayou”, he had two goals. Build a house that would allow him to enjoy the amazing views of the surrounding wetlands, and build it with technology that would allow him to have no electric bills. He was able to achieve his electric independence by installing solar photovoltaics, solar thermal water heaters, and a geothermal air conditioning system.

Solar Stories | Coy Residence - Slidell, LA [10.6 kW Array]

The Coys have always been interested in doing their part to protect the environment. They worked at lowering their carbon footprint by driving fuel efficient cars and recycling. When Sunpro showed them that installing a solar panel system would lower their carbon footprint by more than all of their other efforts combined they realized that they had to do it. It would take 8,100 trees 25 years to remove the green house gas emissions that will not go into the atmosphere now thanks to the Coys using clean renewable solar energy!

Solar Stories | Stalcup Residence - Kenner, LA [12.75 kW Array]

When David Stalcup and his family moved into their dream home in Mandeville, they thought they had finally found the perfect home. Everything was perfect until they received their first electric bill, which was twice as much as their old house. It was then that David realized that if he was going to stay in this house for the long term, he had to address those huge electric bills. After consulting with Sunpro, David installed a solar system that reduced his average monthly electric bill from $270 to $20.

Solar Stories | Borne Fishing Camp - Cocodrie, LA [10.7 kW Array]

Dr. Borne loved his fishing camp and he loved to fish, but he had a problem. The electric bills at his fish camp were cleaning him out every month. He contacted Sunpro with the goal of reducing his bill by 50%. After meeting with Dr. Borne and conducting an energy assessment of his camp, Sunpro determined that if he would upgrade his insulation and install a 10.7 kW solar panel array, he could reduce his electric bill by 100%. In the words of Dr. Borne, “It was a no brainer!”.

Solar Stories | Difranco Residence - New Orleans, LA [13.5 kW Array]

Mr. Difranco has been retired for many years, but was suddenly faced with a large tax burden due to cashing in an old 401K. Instead of paying the federal government thousands of dollars in taxes for this, he decided to use that money and put it towards a solar energy system and take advantage of the 80% in tax credits/rebates that are available from the state and federal government. Instead of paying the government, why not pay yourself and invest in a solar system?

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