Cost of Solar Panels

If you’ve looked into buying solar panels, you probably know about all the benefits. Increased savings, lower monthly bills, plus independence from your electric company. However, you may also be wondering what that independence will cost you. 

You’re not alone in wondering what is the cost of solar panels. That’s one of the first questions anyone asks when looking at a possible investment. And it’s an important question.

You’re certainly not the only person to wonder about this- and Sunpro Solar is here to help you find the answer. 

The truth is, because every person’s solar needs are a little different, there’s no one-size-fits all. 
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However, Sunpro Solar can help you figure out the cost of solar panels for your home by using the most advanced technology in the industry. With this technology, we can customize a solar panel system that fits your needs, and your budget.

The Cost of a Solar System

We use a few different variables to come with the cost of solar panel systems:

Missouri Solar Panel InstallerRoof Size and Orientation

The bigger the size of your roof is, the more solar panels that can be installed. However, the optimal direction for your roof to face is towards the south. Although your solar panels can capture sunlight from any angle, the southern direction is best for solar power generation.

If most of the space on your roof is facing towards the south, that’s fantastic news, and means you may need fewer solar panels to generate the amount of electricity that you would like to produce. If it doesn’t face south, there’s still options that could work for you and your home.


Although most people have a tree or two in their yard, when it comes to solar panels, less shade is best. Because solar panels need direct sunlight to generate electricity, too much shade can lower your solar panel’s efficiency. This will keep them from producing power from your home, and may potentially lower your savings.

Sunpro Solar looks at trees on your property to determine where the solar panels will be installed, and whether or not they will be affected by any trees.

Energy Consumption

Another big factor in the cost of your solar panels is how much energy you want them to cover. If your family uses a lot of energy, and you want your solar panels to generate all your power, that will affect how big your solar installation will be.

Whether you want your solar panels to cover part of your electric generation, or all of it, will have a big impact on what the overall cost of your solar panel system will be- the more energy you want, the more solar panels you’ll need.

Electric Company

Something else that determines the cost of solar panels is the electric company. That’s because every electric company is different- they may have different rates, different kilowatt costs, and different metering standards. This can have an effect on the number of solar panels you should install to cover your electric needs.


Last but not least, Sunpro Solar also takes into account any available incentives to help you cover the cost of solar panels. This includes, but certainly isn’t limited to, the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit or any incentives offered by your state.

Incentives like these can help greatly reduce the overall price of your solar panel system, which means that you’ll be getting your solar panels for a great deal! Sunpro Solar takes into account these incentives when we calculate the final costs.

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Why Choose Sunpro?

As you can see, there’s a lot of factors that can influence the final cost of solar panel systems. 

The good news is that Sunpro Solar will handle all of these calculations for you, just like we’ll handle the entire process of going solar from start to finish. 

Using all of these factors, we’ll customize the perfect solar energy system for your home so you can get maximum savings. 

Plus, with our EnergyPro Savings, you’ll also be getting a FREE energy efficiency package that will reduce your overall energy consumption even further!

Sunpro Solar is here to help you switch to clean, renewable energy with zero stress. We refuse to provide anything less than the highest level of customer service, so you can rest easy knowing that your solar panel installation is in good hands. 

To learn more about going solar, or to schedule your free consultation, simply contact Sunpro Solar today!

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