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Jacksonville, Florida is famed for many things, including being the birthplace of the Lynyrd Skynyrd rock band, and for being home to the nation’s largest urban park system with well over 100,000 acres. It’s also the biggest city by area in the U.S., with 875 square miles. With all that space and all those houses, Jacksonville needs a lot of energy to keep moving. And what better way to energize your city and increase your savings than with powerful solar energy, generated by solar panels.

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Energizing Jacksonville with Renewable Energy

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The state of Florida is known for the large amounts of sunshine it gets, and Jacksonville gets its fair share of it, too. With over 220 sunny days a year, solar panels in Jacksonville are a great addition to both homes and businesses.

Jacksonville Solar Incentives

There are also some fantastic incentives to help you get solar power in Jacksonville. These incentives include the statewide net metering policy, as well as a 26% federal tax credit for solar panels. With such terrific deals available, making the switch to solar is a no-brainer in Jacksonville! Here is the breakdown of solar incentives available in Jacksonville.

Federal Solar Tax Credit for Jacksonville Homeowners

solar tax credit 2021There is currently an amazing incentive being offered by the federal government for those wishing to go green with solar energy. From now through the end of 2022, a tax credit is being offered for solar panels. This tax credit is worth 26% of the overall cost of your solar panels, including installation. So right off the bat, you get a massive cost reduction for your Jacksonville home.

Let’s take a look at what this looks like in practice. Imagine that you’ve purchased a new solar panel system from Sunpro Solar, and the total cost was $17,000. 26% of that is $4,420, and you would receive that in tax credits. That means that your solar panels now costs just $11,900! And if you don’t use all the tax credits, any extra is rolled over to the next year.

But keep in mind that the tax credit is only at 26% through 2022, and in 2023 it’s reduced to 22%. By 2024, it will be unavailable to residents. Commercial solar panels will be eligible for a 10% rebate. So if you want the biggest savings possible, start looking into it soon.

Sales Tax Exemption for Jacksonville FL Solar Panels

Currently, the sales tax in Florida is 6%. That might not seem like much when you go out to lunch or buy some gas, but if you’re making a large purchase, 6% can add hundreds of dollars to the final price. That is, unless you’re buying solar panels.

The Florida state government- which includes Jacksonville- has made solar panels completely sales tax exempt! So when you purchase your new solar panel system, you don’t need to worry about any kind of sales tax at all!

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Solar Panel Property Tax Exemption in Jacksonville

In addition to being free from sales tax, Jacksonville solar panels come with another big perk! Solar panels are a great addition to your home or business, and when you install them, they can add over $15,000 in value to your property. Raising your property value is a wonderful thing, but in most places, that added value would also result in higher property tax.

Jacksonville Florida Home Solar Panel InstallationNot so in Jacksonville! For residents of this fair city, all solar panel systems are exempt from the property tax. So not only do you get to raise the value of your property, but you don’t have to pay anything extra on it!

Net Metering for Jacksonville Utility Companies

When you purchase solar panels, the electricity they produce goes straight to any appliances in your home that need it. But what about when you’re at work, and your home doesn’t need that much electricity?

That’s where net metering comes in! Net metering is a system where the extra energy that your system produces is sent back to your electric utility’s grid. Your utility company will then credit you for the excess energy that your system produces. That credit will be applied to your next bill, lowering your monthly costs and increasing your monthly savings.

Currently, Jacksonville, Florida is offering net metering for people who currently own solar panel systems, and those who want to install them. Sunpro Solar will work with your utility company to handle all required documentation and permitting, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

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Utility Company



Jacksonville Electric Authority

  • All required documentation must be submitted prior to starting the solar power system.

  • A JEA engineer must conduct an inspection of the solar panel system prior to interconnection to the grid.

  • The credit collar amount will be calculated using the retail rate.

  • If there is a remaining balance of energy credits remaining in the account a the end of the year, the customer will be paid for those credits.

Clay Electric Cooperative, Inc.

  • All documents must be signed and submitted, including the Interconnection Agreement.

  • The solar panel system cannot exceed 90% of the customer’s utility distribution service rating.

  • At the end of each calendar year, the customer will be credited for any unused energy credits.

Florida Power & Light

  • All paperwork, including the Interconnection Agreement, must be submitted.

  • The Interconnection Agreement differs according to the size of the solar panel system.

  • Owners of Tier 2 and Tier 3 solar panel systems must have proof of insurance.

  • Tier 1 includes solar panels up to 10 kW.

  • Tier 2 covers solar panel systems of greater than 10 kW, up to 100 kW.

  • Tier 3 covers solar panel systems of greater than 100 kW, up to 2,000 kW.

Solar Panel Cost Jacksonville FL

How much does it cost to go solar in Jacksonville FL? The cost of solar in Florida depends on a lot of factors besides the price of the panels and installation, including size of your home and your energy needs and goals. To best understand the sticker price, these factors should be discussed with a qualified Solar Sales Specialist who can offer you an appropriate quote for your particular situation.

The good news for Florida residents is it’s a prime state for solar incentives that help to offset the initial price tag. In addition, with high electricity bills in Florida and lots of sunshine, your solar system will pay for itself in no time and then will start making you money.

Jacksonville Solar Panel Company, Sunpro Solar

It may seem like there’s a lot of choices in Jacksonville when it comes to solar panel installation companies. But when it comes to quality of service, quality of products, and quality of work, there’s only one choice- Sunpro Solar. We use only the best solar panels from LG  as well as micro-inverters from Enphase. Our technicians are qualified and experienced, and we stand by our work.

Each solar installation comes with:

  • A 25 year labor warranty
  • A 25 year production guarantee
  • 25 Year Solar Panel Manufacturer Warranty
  • 25 Year Enphase Microinverter Warranty

A FREE energy audit on your home to make certain that it will be as energy efficient as possible.

Sunpro Solar services the greater Jacksonville area. We offer turnkey solar solutions so that you can get your Jacksonville solar panels without having to worry about a thing. Contact us today to learn more!

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