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Free Solar QuoteTime and again, Des Moines is listed among the best cities in America to live as well as the best cities to run a business.

The city also has an abundance of tax credits and incentives for renewable energy; namely, solar.

The way we see it, Des Moines is a place where an affordable, sustainable home solar option belongs.

And it won’t take a caucus to get it done either. Sunpro Solar Specialists will walk you through all the options to reduce your electric bills, save money on installation costs, and go more in-depth about a plan to switch your Des Moines home to solar.

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Des Moines Solar Power Incentives, Tax Credits

While the cost of solar panels has fallen significantly over the last decade, some homeowners still see it as a big investment to make. In an effort to push solar power to more residents, the federal and local governments offer some fantastic incentives that make the switch to solar more affordable. Homeowners who are looking to install solar panels in Tulsa can now save on costs significantly thanks to a few solar incentives available in Oklahoma:

Federal Solar Tax Credit

So you’re going solar in Des Moines? Well, get this: the federal government of the United States is offering a 26% tax credit of the entire cost of your solar system, including a battery system to deduct from your federal taxes.

Available to homeowners and even business owners in Des Moines, The Solar Investment Tax Credit is a generous national incentive, but it won’t be at 26% for long. Before 2022 comes to an end, claim the best federal solar tax credits available to homeowners in Des Moines who switch to solar.

Des Moines Iowa Solar Tax Credit

In Des Moines, Iowa, there are a number of state tax benefits for homeowners who go solar.

Perhaps the most significant of the incentives is the Iowa Solar Tax Credit; also known as the Residential Solar Tax Benefit.

When filing state income taxes, Des Moines homeowners are able to receive 13% of the cost of their solar system back on their state income tax.

With a maximum tax credit amount up to $5,000 for residential solar installations, the credit could be a good source of return to help cover some of the initial costs.

But the Iowa Solar Tax Credit is not exclusive to homeowners in Des Moines. Even commercial businesses can receive a maximum of $20,000 in tax credits with their solar installation.

Net Metering in Des Moines

While your solar panels are hard at work producing energy for your home, there may be times when they produce more than you need.

Solar panels in Des Moines Iowa have the opportunity to apply that excess solar energy toward your electric bill in the form of credits. This is called, net metering.

It works like this: the extra electricity produced by your solar panels is sent back to the electric grid. In return, the utility company will send you credits to use toward your electricity or other bills in exchange.

This exchange is perfect for days and seasons with less sunlight or lengthy storms. Instead of paying for extra electricity, your credits can cover a significant portion of the extra costs.

With the installation of a new home solar system, homeowners in Des Moines who are already customers of Alliant/Interstate Power and Light (IPL) and MidAmerican Energy can participate in net metering. And of course, a Sunpro Specialist will help you navigate the details.

However, the only stipulation is that the solar energy system need to function beneath a 500 kilowatt (kW) benchmark. The good news, though, is that most residential solar systems are under 15 kW.

Iowa Sales Tax Exemption

Des Moines as well as the state of Iowa grants solar energy many of the same exemptions as other electrical generating equipment.

Specifically, the entire purchase of your home solar system in Des Moines is exempt from sales tax.

When you switch to solar in Des Moines, you will immediately save 6% of the purchase price — before any panels make it on the rooftop!

You’ll have the freedom to produce your own energy, and experience extra savings while you’re at it.

Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption

If you own a home in Iowa, installing a home solar system can do wonders for your property value.

That’s right. The Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption exempts your new solar energy system from property tax assessments for the first five years after installation.

Your solar power adds value to your property or home and, with this tax benefit, the entire system is exempt from the property tax assessment for five years!

In as much as a half decade, you’ll have significant help recouping the cost of your system — thanks to the Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption.

Solar Easement Laws in Des Moines 

Maybe you’ve wanted to go solar for a while, but you’ve worried about shade blockage of your roof or thought that your home owner association would prevent it.

In Des Moines and the rest of Iowa, you have no need to worry about either.

Your solar power investment in your home is protected by statewide Solar Easement Laws.

These laws allow you to remove shade cover that limits your solar system production and also prevents home owner associations (HOA) from blocking or stopping your home solar panel installation.

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If you’re looking for solar panels Des Moines, Iowa, look for a trusted solar company like Sunpro Solar. We install solar and roofs across Des Moines and the surrounding areas. More than likely we won’t replace the golden dome of the state capitol building with solar panels, but if it were to ever happen, you’ll know who’s behind it.

Here are a few good reasons why:

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One of the best decisions I ever made. The customer service with Sunpro is second to none! I had contacted several solar companies before Sunpro, but none of them would come to look at my house because the satellite picture automatically assumed our roof was not a good fit. Turns out many companies disqualify people with perfectly good roofs this way – but not Sunpro! Brandon Snook was my consultant and he spent quality time with us answering all of our questions and inspecting our roof in person. I had been wanting to go solar for years and I’m really glad I found this company who would give us the time of day and not just go for the big mansions! Turns out they install on mobile homes too and many other types of homes that other companies neglect because they pre-judge the satellite pic. My wife and I are saving so much money each month and I feel great about reducing my carbon footprint.

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