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Free Solar QuoteAlbuquerque NM is a great place to go solar. When it comes to finding the right solar company in Albuquerque, you may be feeling lost. Don’t worry, we’ll make it easy for you. Offering some of the best warranties in the solar industry, Sunpro Solar has a proven history and reputation for providing quality service. In 2020 Solar Power World ranked Sunpro #5 for Top Residential Solar Installer in the United States.

Read on to find out what makes Albuquerque such a great place for solar and how you can easily go solar with great incentives available in your area.

All About Albuquerque Solar Panels

The city of Albuquerque is one of the cultural centers of the Southwest, including many museums and historical landmarks. Like the rest of New Mexico, Albuquerque is rich in sunlight. Because of the amount of sun this city gets, more and more people are deciding to save money by installing solar panels on their homes and businesses. Plus, with the excellent state and federal incentives, going solar has never been cheaper for the residents of Albuquerque.

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Albuqeurque Solar Incentives

When purchasing your solar energy system, you are guaranteed long-term savings for decades. By producing your own electricity, you will be able to ignore the ever-increasing rates of the utility companies. And with our 25-year warranties and guarantees, you can rest assured that your Albuquerque solar panels will be an excellent low maintenance investment that you can enjoy for years to come. With $0 down financing available, now is the time to make the switch to solar in Albuquerque.

Using Federal Tax Credits to Go Solar in Albuquerque

The federal solar tax credit is an incentive generously offered by the U.S. government. With this tax credit, you can receive up to 26% of the total cost of your solar panels in tax credits. So take the price of a solar panel system, including installation, and subtract 26% from it. That’s a nice hefty sum that you’ll get back in tax credits. And if you don’t use all the credits one year, the remainder rolls over to the next. This wonderful incentive can be used for both residential solar panel systems, and commercial solar panel systems.

Albuquerque, New Mexico’s Sustainable Building Tax Credit

Albuquerque doesn’t just have the federal solar tax credit to enjoy, however. Residents also have New Mexico’s Sustainable Building Tax Credit program as well. If you’re thinking of building a house or a commercial building, this is something to look into.

It’s good for anyone’s Albuquerque home or business to be as energy efficient as possible. But sometimes the building you’re in wasn’t originally designed with that in mind. With the Sustainable Building Tax Credit, if you build energy efficient, sustainable buildings, you will receive a tax credit for it. The tax credit incentives are tiered, and each building must meet certain requirements and guidelines to qualify.

Building Type



Must be certified by either U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system, or Build Green New Mexico rating system. ENERGY STAR manufactured homes are eligible for the tax credit.


Must be certified by U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system.

To learn more about specific details, please visit the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department webpage.

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Property Tax Exemption for Solar Panels in Albuquerque

Albuquerque Solar company

Solar energy systems are a great way to increase your home’s value. In fact, for every $1 in electrical bill savings, you add $20 to the value of your home. That’s an exciting bonus with solar energy systems you may not have considered before! Usually when your home increases in value, so too does your property tax. However, the state of New Mexico allows a property tax exemption for renewable energy systems, such as solar power systems. So your Albuquerque home will increase in value, and you won’t have to worry about additional taxes. That seems like a pretty good deal to us.

Albuquerque Solar Panels Sales Tax Exemption

The property tax exemption is nothing to scoff at, but this next deal is pretty awesome, too. Wherever you go, you’ll usually run across a sales tax when you buy something. This adds a little extra to the final price of whatever it is you’re buying. If the thing you buy is already pricey on its own, sales tax will add even more to the final bill. But in Albuquerque, solar panels have no sales tax! New Mexico has waived the sales tax on solar panels! This means you get to save several hundred dollars that sales tax would have added on.

Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)

Many people have heard of either solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) or net metering. But there’s some confusion as to what the differences between these two programs are. We’ll explain SRECs below.

Many states have Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). This means that they have set time goals to get a certain percentage of their energy from renewable sources. Utility companies often offer rebates or incentives to customers with renewable energy systems. They do this to ensure that they meet standards set for them by the state RPS. One of these incentives is the SRECs. For every 1,000 kWh your solar panel system produces, you will receive an SREC. It doesn’t matter if the energy was sent to the utility grid, or used by you, you will get SRECs. Your utility company will then buy these SRECs from you, and pay you directly for them.

Utility Company


REC Rate

Power New Mexico (PNM)

There are three tiers for solar panel systems, each of which have different application fees.

  • Small systems, which are up to and include 10 kW. The application fee is $150.

  • Large systems, above 10 kW and up to 100 kW. The application fee is $450.

  • Large Systems above 100 kW. The application fee is $450 plus $1.00 for each kW above 100 kW.

The customer must sign a REC purchase agreement which will have a term of 8 years.

Flat rate of $0.0025 per kWh produced.

Albuquerque Solar Energy and Net Metering

If you want to maximize the benefits your solar panels bring you, you should look into net metering. With net metering, your Albuquerque solar system is connected to your utility grid. When your solar panels produce more energy than is needed, the excess energy is sent to the utility grid. Your account is then credited for that energy, reducing your monthly utility bill.

New Mexico currently offers statewide net metering. Sunpro Solar will work with your utility company to handle all net metering requirements.

Choosing the best solar company in Albuquerque NM

Choosing the right solar panel company in Albuquerque New Mexico can be overwhelming, but we’ve put together a few tips to help you understand what to look for in a solar company.

Here are the three most important things when choosing a solar panel company.

  1. Make sure the company you’re choosing has warranties in place. Not only on the labor, but products as well. That way you know you and your investment are protected in the years to come.
  2. Read reviews about the company you’re choosing. While you’ll see a bad review here and there (just the nature of open reviews), make sure a large majority of the reviews aren’t negative and stating the same problems over and over. That’s a clear indicator of a company to stay clear of, no matter how well known their name is.
  3. Choose a reputable company that’s been in the game for awhile. Again, this way you are sure to protect your investment with a company that will continue to be there for you in the years to come.

Solar Panel Installation in Albuquerque NM: Sunpro Solar

Being energy efficient is important, not just in Albuquerque, but everywhere else too. And to be as energy efficient as possible while saving money on your energy bills, you need the right company and the right equipment.

Sunpro Solar offers installations using only the best materials for our installations. Our solar panels come from top brands like solar panels from LG and micro-inverters from Enphase. When Sunpro Solar installs your Albuquerque solar panels, you can rest assured that it will be done according to the highest standards. We offer our unmatched 25 year labor warranty, and 25 year production guarantee with each installation to back up our work. Our solar panels come with 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee, and our Enphase microinverters come with a 25 year warranty also.

Sunpro Solar services the greater Albuquerque area. We offer turnkey solar solutions so that you can get your Albuquerque solar panels without having to worry about a thing. Contact us today to learn more!

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