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Austin isn’t ‘lit’ just because of it’s amazing live-music scene- Austin solar panels also help make this beautiful city shine bright. Known as the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, TX also has huge amounts of sunlight, making the city of Austin and solar panels a perfect fit for each other. With over 200 sunny days per year plus solar tax incentives, it only makes sense to make all that extra potential energy work for you. And you can! With Sunpro Solar, we can help you start saving immediately while helping to keep Austin the greenest city in Texas.

Keeping It Cool with Austin Solar Panels

Free Solar QuoteWith so much sunlight, it’s easy to see why people in Austin love being outdoors in the many gorgeous parks, lakes, and rivers. But those high temperatures can also cause a big utility bill, especially when your A/C has to work overtime to keep your house cool. With Austin solar panels, you can get the best of both worlds. Since the energy solar panels produce is completely renewable, they contribute 0% to pollution, and will generate energy for you as long as there’s a sun in the sky. And with all that free solar energy your panels create, you can save big time on your utility bill.

There are lots of ways to help you make the switch to solar. Below we will cover some great ways to help you save on costs in Austin, and some great perks for going solar.

  • 26% Federal Tax Credit
  • Property Tax Exemption
  • Solar Rights Law
  • Net Metering
  • Solar Rebates

The Federal Solar Tax Credit- The Biggest Austin Solar Panel Discount

From now until the end of 2020, the federal government is offering a 26% solar tax credit for those who want to purchase and install solar panels. If you are eligible, you can receive 26% of the total cost of your solar panels, including installation, as a tax credit. That means that a quarter of the cost of your solar panels is knocked off from the get go! And if you don’t use all the tax credits the first year, they roll over to the next as well.

To put this into perspective, suppose you’ve purchased a solar panel system for $18,000. You would then receive $4,680 in tax credits, which is 26% of the total cost. Now your total cost is $13,320. That’s a pretty amazing deal.

Austin Solar Panel Property Tax Exemption

When you install a solar panel system on your house, you get the added benefit of raising your home’s value by a large amount- sometimes the increase is up to 20 times the amount of your annual electric bill. Normally you would have to pay additional property taxes on this new value increase. But not so in Texas! In Austin your solar panels are completely property tax exempt. You can raise the value of your home, get free, clean electricity, and not have to pay any additional property taxes. How’s that for a great deal?

Your Austin Solar Rights Law

If you live in a neighborhood that has a Homeowners Association, occasionally there’s a rule that might keep you from making a change to your home. Sometimes it’s not a big deal. Other times- like when there’s rules about solar panels- it can be a big issue. There are some HOA’s that don’t allow solar panels at all, or perhaps they have restrictions on where they can be placed. But you can toss those rules out the window in Austin. The great state of Texas has a Solar Rights Law, which means that if you want to get solar panels, it doesn’t matter whether your HOA likes it or not. You can install your solar panels in Austin without needing anyone’s approval.

Austin Texas Home with Solar Panels

Net Metering for Austin Solar Panels

Although Texas doesn’t have a state-wide net metering policy, it does allow utility companies to offer net metering, rebates, and buyback programs for their customers. Net metering is offered by most utility companies. Sometimes your solar panels will produce more energy than you’re using at that time, like when you’re at work during the afternoon. When that happens, your utility company will use that excess energy, and credit the amount towards your monthly bill. If your solar panels produce enough energy, your bill may even be $0. That’s called net metering.

Many electric utility companies in the greater Austin area offer net metering programs for their solar customers. Some of these companies are:

  • Austin Energy
  • Oncor Electric
  • Champion Energy Services
  • Direct Energy
  • Reliant Energy
  • Bluebonnet Electric
  • Entergy Texas Inc.
  • Pedernales Electric Cooperative
  • City of San Marcos Electric Utility
  • TXU Energy
  • Green Mountain Energy

Available Austin Solar Panel Rebates

Austin Utility CompanyAustin Solar Rebates and BuybackAustin kW Limits
Green Mountain EnergyRebate will be received by eligible customers within 30 days of submitting the rebate request. Average rebate ranges from $590 to $4,500. Amount varies according to solar array size, location, and availability of rebates.
  • System owner must agree to a 12-month minimum term on GMR’s buyback program.
  • The owner must also sign a rebate agreement to provide feedback for 12 months.
  • Verification of the completed solar installation must be included with the rebate request.
Austin EnergyCustomers may receive a rebate of up to $2,500 to assist with the cost of solar installation.
  • Customers must complete the Austin Energy Solar Education Course.
  • The solar panel system must be installed by an approved contractor.
City of San MarcosCustomers may receive a rebate of $1.00 per watt of installed system. Residential customers may receive rebate amount up to $2,500. Commercial customers may receive rebate amount up to $5,000.Customers must be pre-approved to apply. SMEU offers a free energy audit. Solar panel system must be installed by NABCEP certified solar installer.
Oncor ElectricAll Oncor approved, grid-connected solar panel systems are eligible for incentives. Each incentive received is calculated based on your individual solar panel system. Savings may vary. Minimum solar panel system size for residential and commercial installations is 1 kW.

With all the amazing incentives and rebates available to help you make the switch to solar, there’s no better time to do so. Sunpro Solar installers are experienced, our solar panels are from quality brands such as LG Electronics, and our micro-inverters, which are from brands such as Enphase, are top of the line.

We are dedicated to providing you with nothing less than the best. The best customer service, the best purchasing experience, and the best installation experience. With each solar installation, you also receive:

  • Sunpro Solar’s 25 Year Labor Warranty
  • Sunpro Solar’s 25 Year Production Warranty
  • 25 Year Solar Panel Manufacturer Warranty
  • 25 Year Enphase Microinverter Warranty
  • A FREE energy audit to ensure your house is as efficient as your new solar panels.

And that’s all on top of the warranties that already come with the solar panels and inverters!

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If you have any questions, or would like to learn more, please reach out to our team of expert consultants. Sunpro Solar is here to answer questions you have about making the switch to renewable solar energy.

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