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Solar power generation is an amazing opportunity all over the state of Texas, especially in North Texas around Dallas and Fort Worth. The world knows Texas by our great brisket barbecue, wide open land, and shining sun. Lots of shining sun. Although Dallas pays about 25% less than the average for electricity at about 8.5 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh), Texas is still ideal for Dallas solar panels. North Texas, including Dallas, Fort Worth, and Plano are great locations for Dallas solar power generation, and for good reason.

In addition to the tremendous amounts of sunlight, you can take advantage of savings and incentives offered by the federal, state, and local government to get solar panels in Dallas. Everything is bigger and better in Texas – sunshine, clean energy, and solar panel systems. Many Texas homeowners are eliminating their electric bill completely.

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Rebates in Dallas Solar Energy

Many utility companies in Dallas, Fort Worth, and all over North Texas offer solar rebates for new Dallas solar panel installations. Each energy company has their own method of incentivizing solar energy production, all to save you money. These rebates directly reduce the cost of the solar panels by putting thousands of dollars back in your pocket. You can leave all the details to our Sunpro Solar team. They will secure these incentives and rebates for you by handling any requirements.

Dallas and North Texas Utility Company Rebates

Utility Company


kW Limits

Oncor Electric

All Oncor approved, grid-connected solar panel systems are eligible for incentives. Each incentive received is calculated based on your individual solar panel system. Savings may vary.

Minimum solar panel system size for residential and commercial installations is 1 kW.

AEP Texas North Company / AEP Texas Central Company (Residential)

Qualifying residential customers may receive an incentive of $0.70 per watt, up to $7,000.

Residential solar panel systems are only eligible up to 10 kW.

AEP Texas North Company / AEP Texas Central Company (Non-residential)

Non-residential customers have tiered incentives. First tier incentive for solar panel systems is $0.80 per watt. Second tier incentive for solar panel systems is $0.25 per watt.

Non-residential solar panel systems of 1 kW to 25 kW are eligible for the first tier incentive. Non-residential solar panel systems of 25 kW to 200 kW are eligible for the second tier incentive.

Dallas Solar Property Tax Exemption

Installing solar panels in Texas is a great way to add value and make it easier to sell your home. Your home will increase in value by 15-20% with solar panels. Even better news-the state of Texas exempts solar panel installation from your property tax. At the same time that your home value increases, the cost to power your home decreases, and you don’t have to pay more taxes on your property. It’s a win-win for Dallas homeowners.

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Dallas Texas residents qualify for 30% Federal Tax Credit on Solar

Tax Credits for Solar Power in Dallas, Texas

All Texas homeowners and business owners are eligible for the Federal Solar Tax Credit. This program allows for a 30% tax credit on the full cost of your solar panel system, including the installation. Thy, if you invest in a $20,000 solar system, the government will credit you $6,000 that you apply to the current or subsequent tax bills.

Dallas Solar Company- Solar Panel Installation and Warranties

Sunpro Solar is a leader in solar panel installations in Dallas, Fort Worth, and all across North Texas. Sunpro Solar has industry-leading guarantees and warranties.

  • 25 year Warranty from solar panel manufacturer
  • Labor Warranty on solar panel installation
  • 25 year Inverter Warranty from Enphase
  • 24/7 Lifetime Monitoring

Our expert installation teams provide the most efficient, and longest lasting solar panels. Sunpro Solar has helped thousands of homes and businesses make the switch to solar. Our customers are enjoying the low and even non-existent power bills throughout the year. Some are even making a ton of money!

Texas solar company Sunpro Solar is ready to help you in Dallas. We would love to answer your questions about going solar in your area, and how solar can save you money in Texas. Schedule a free appointment by calling 972-885-6686 today.

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