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Free Solar QuoteWith its rich culture, history, Riverwalk, and incredible Tex-Mex food, San Antonio delights the hearts of people from around the world. Located at the foot of the hill country in Central Texas, San Antonio receives an ideal amount of sunlight for a home or commercial solar panel system. While all this sun can surely bring the heat, it’s also perfect for creating huge amounts of clean, efficient solar power! Thanks to CPS Energy, San Antonio Solar Company such as Sunpro Solar, and a lot of sunlight, San Antonio ranks as the 6th best city in the country for total solar capacity!

Solar power is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment. But there are also huge financial incentives for homeowners and business owners to get solar panels in San Antonio! See reasons why now it’s time to go solar. 

Solar Panel Rebates In San Antonio – CPS Energy Solar PV Rebate

One of the incentives for San Antonio residents is the CPS Energy solar panel rebate program. This program offers a good-sized rebate based on the size of your rooftop solar panel system. The more power you can produce, the bigger the rebate! Increase the savings you get when buying a solar energy system in San Antonio by earning the CPS Energy rebate as well as available 26% federal tax credits.

CPS Energy has allocated $15M more in solar rebates starting April 19, 2017.

The rebate incentive is up to $0.70/AC Watt for systems that use locally produced parts.

$0.60/AC Watt base incentive
$0.08/AC Watt premium for local modules, Mission Solar
$0.02/AC Watt premium for local inverters, KACO New Energy

This means you can save up to $0.70 Watt for solar systems.Orange piggy bank to show savings with San Antonio Solar Panels

The current rebate limits of $25,000 for home projects and $80,000 for commercial remain in place. Rebates cap out at 50% of project cost.

The rebate for non-local installers reduces to 75% of the local installer rebate amount, starting at $0.45 per ac watt, applicable to both home and business projects. See solar for businesses.  These great rebates won’t last forever. However, net metering is here to stay in San Antonio.


Net Metering in San Antonio

Net Metering allows solar panel owners to sell back extra power to the power company. During the long, sunny summer days, your panels can create more power than you can use. Consequently, your meter will actually run backwards so that you are selling to the power company. Then at night, as your panels sleep, you use electricity from the grid again. This often result in a month where CPS owes you money that can carry forward to the next month.

This means you can head out to spend the day tubing down the Comal River, but still be earning money!

Tax Credits for Solar Panels in San Antonio

San Antonio Sunpro Solar Panel HomeThe great state of Texas does not have a state income tax, therefore there are state no income tax credits for solar panel installations in San Antonio. Even so, all home and business owners in San Antonio are eligible for the federal Solar Investment Tax Credit.

The IRS currently has a solar power tax incentive that gives a 26% income tax credit for the cost of new rooftop solar panel systems. This includes both the solar panels and installation. With this solar panel tax credit slated to end soon, now is the time to go green and save green with solar power!

San Antonio Solar Panel Systems Property Tax Exemption

A home solar panel system adds a lot of value to your property. In fact, a solar panel system can increase your home’s value by up to 20 times the annual electric bill. In some states, this increase in home value can be bittersweet as it also comes with higher property taxes. However, this is not the case in San Antonio. Texas has a property tax exemption for solar panel systems. You can reap the benefits of increased property value with solar panels, without paying additional property taxes!

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San Antonio Solar Company

Build San Antonio GreenSunpro Solar is a leader in rooftop solar panels in San Antonio and all across Texas. Sunpro Solar uses an experienced and dedicated team of solar power installation professionals. We install tens of thousands of solar panel systems, all backed by the industry-leading Sunpro Solar guarantee!

Sunpro Solar is a member of Build San Antonio Green,

  • 25 Year Solar Power Production Guarantee
  • 25 Year Labor Warranty
  • 25 Year Solar Panel Manufacturer Warranty
  • 25 Year Enphase Microinverter Warranty
  • Rated A+ BBB
  • Texas License #TECL31656

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