Arkansas Makes it Easy To Go Solar

Arkansas Capitol Building

Fast on the heels of the new creation of Arkansas Advanced Energy Day, another exciting development is taking place. Arkansas State Senator Dave Wallace introduced Arkansas Senate Bill 145 in January 2019. This bill would help more people go solar in Arkansas. This legislation would increase the size limit of solar panel projects, as well as allow for third party leasing.

And on March 5th 2019, the Arkansas Senate Bill 145 did indeed pass with an overwhelming majority of Senators voting in favor of the bill, with 28 voting for, and only 2 voting against. Thanks to this bill, many more people will able to make the switch to renewable energy, such as solar in Arkansas. For some, this was difficult or even impossible before. Now schools, churches, colleges, and non-profit organizations all have a way to go solar without needing to save for the high up-front costs of installations. And this will help not just those who rent the buildings, but also the economy. With so many more people able to go solar now, the solar industry will have quite a few jobs that need to be filled.

“Solar energy means more jobs in Arkansas,” said Senator Wallace. He noted how the state has yet to take advantage of the job-creating power of solar in Arkansas, saying “This bill is a step in the right direction.”

Senator Jason Rapert stated, “I want to use Arkansas power to power Arkansas.” and “We should be taking advantage of viable energy sources.”

The Natural State is a fitting name for a place so filled with natural resources, but when solar in Arkansas is truly harnessed as a source of energy, it will be more than just a nickname. It will be a badge of honor. Interest in solar energy is growing every day, and that is perfectly shown in the growing solar industry in Arkansas. Senator Wallace and the supports of this bill deserve a round of applause for helping to make solar energy accessible to so many, and for encouraging interest in renewable energy like solar power.

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