Arkansas Solar Farm will Power Clarksville

Clarksville Arkansas Solar Farm

The state of Arkansas is called the Natural State, and for good reason. It has beautiful forests, mountains, rivers, and valleys. However, most of the state gets its electricity from dirty fossil fuels, which pollutes the beautiful environment. Now, citizens of Arkansas are realizing the high costs that come with fossil fuels. They’re choosing to switch to cleaner, greener power. They’re investing in renewable energy systems like Arkansas solar farms, such as the ones in Clarksville.

Clarksville, Arkansas, is a city that is not interested in using pollution-causing fossil fuels anymore. They’re slowly transitioning over to solar energy, which will help the Natural State keep its nickname. An Arkansas solar farm consisting of 20,000 solar panels will be built for the city, generating 2.86 MW of clean electricity. It was even completed 6 months ahead of schedule. At the moment, they are purchasing the power from the solar company that built it via a 28-year Power Purchase Agreement. The city of Clarksville can purchase the solar farm in 8 years if they so choose.

“What this means for the citizens of Clarksville,” said John Lester with Clarksville Water & Light Co., “is, we have additional renewable energy that we are delivering to the community.” He also said, “I can say that we are saving our customers about a half million dollars a year… [Its] moving in the right direction with the right resource.”

This is the second solar farm that the Arkansas town has built. The first was in 2017, and was 6.5 MW in size. That plant has been generating electricity for over 18 months now. When combined, the two Arkansas solar farms will produce over 9 MW of electricity. Together, they will power every municipal building with clean, renewable energy.

“The plans for a second 2.86 MW DC solar plant in Clarksville will allow our municipality facilities to be powered by 100% solar renewable energy,” Lester said. “I’m excited at the prospect Clarksville will be the first city in the state to accomplish this goal. Both plants will save our customers money over the long term and both are power generation assets within the city’s footprint. Furthermore, this project positions Clarksville, Arkansas, as a place where businesses can expand and meet their corporate sustainability goals. With our flexibility related to power, we may be able to provide a 100% renewable energy contract to a commercial or industrial customer on our system. This is in addition to having the city’s needs fulfilled.”

Clarksville is the first town to use Arkansas solar farms in this way. And Arkansas will be able to call itself the Natural State for more than one reason if it catches on. With people learning more about the many benefits of solar power, and how easy it is to purchase and install solar energy systems, there’s a very good chance that it will. Sunpro Solar is excited to help Arkansas homeowners make the switch to clean energy.

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