Solar Boats Set Sail in Florida

Solar Powered Boat

The idea of living in a home powered by solar is certainly nothing new. Solar energy is taking off in a big way, with both the 30% Federal Tax Credit, state incentives, and the cost of solar decreasing every year. Residential solar panels are becoming more efficient, and renewable energy systems are on the rise all over the nation. And not only is solar becoming a commonplace for homes, solar powered cars are becoming a reality. Even more, solar boats in Florida will soon sail along the Emerald Coast.

Green Dream Boats, a company based in Florida, has decided to bring solar energy straight to the water. And why not? What better place to have solar panels than on solar boats in Florida, where absolutely nothing- except perhaps large flocks of seagulls- could block the sunshine? This carbon-free ship, called the Solliner, is described as a ‘luxury recreational craft with solar-electric drive’.

Solar Florida Boat

Originally produced in Poland, the Solliner solar powered boat is an environmentally friendly, catamaran-style boat. It cruises in complete silence, and boasts that it can travel “unlimited distance without charging.” The interior of the solar powered boat is designed to look as sleek as the outside, and also be as durable. It even features a ‘Party Mode’, which fills the inside of the boat with ambient LED lighting- a great mood-setter when entertaining friends.

The solar panels themselves are fixed on the canopy of the solar powered boat, and in full, sunny conditions can produce over 5 kW. The boat also comes with power connections so it can be charged when docked on the shore. Additionally, four batteries with a total capacity of 11 kW are featured on the ship. It is estimated that this is enough electricity to run the engine at max power for approximately five hours. And with the sun shining down, the batteries are charged as you cruise across the water. Currently, these solar boats in Florida are available starting around $53,000.

No wonder Florida is called the Sunshine State, considering it has solar powered homes, solar powered businesses, solar powered cars, and now solar boats. All this can make a person wonder just how far can solar energy take us. It’s a valid question, and it seems like the answer is “Anywhere we want”.

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