Duke Energy Opens New Texas Solar Farm

Texas Solar Farm

Everyone knows that everything is bigger in the Lone Star State. And that includes Texas solar farms. The Texas solar industry is growing day by day, which is fantastic news for fans of clean energy. And it’s not just because homeowners are installing residential solar panels. Big utilities in the state are starting to install renewable energy systems at an ever-growing rate, and it only makes sense when you think about all the perks they come with. Everyone can see great savings with solar panels, a fact utility companies are very aware of.

Duke Energy Corp, an electric utility company which serves over 7 million customers, is very aware of this fact. The company has been investing heavily into clean energy like solar power, and have just completed construction of their second Texas solar farm. The Lapetus solar farm is located just outside of Andrews County, Texas. Lapetus was constructed on roughly 800 acres of land, and consists of 340,000 solar panels. Now that the solar farm is up and running, it will generate roughly 100 MW of clean, green Texas solar power. The construction process was managed by Duke Energy Renewables, who will also operate the plant.

Lapeta is just the most recently completed solar farm; Duke Energy is in the midst of constructing two others in the state. Both of these other solar farms, 200 MW each, will be completed in mid 2020, and will also help Duke Energy provide its customers with pollution-free electricity.

Rob Caldwell, president of Duke Energy Renewables, said “Texas ranks fourth in the country for solar energy. We’re thrilled that Lapetus solar is now online and will contribute to the growth of the community’s clean energy facilities.”

This is yet another big win for fans of Texas solar energy! With every new solar farm installed by utility companies, that’s less and less energy being generated by dirty fossil fuels. Harvesting, refining, and producing electricity from fossil fuels not only causes pollution, but is becoming a more and more expensive process. And those expenses are just passed down to the customers. But by using clean power sources like solar panels, utility companies like Duke Energy can provide great service, greatly reduce pollution, and keep their customers happy!

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