Entergy to Get Mississippi’s Largest Solar Farm

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Solar power is being used everywhere, by everyone- and that includes utility companies. With ever-growing interest in renewable energy taking a hold of the nation, utilities are starting to offer more environmentally-friendly and renewable options. Energy generated by solar farms in particular are being used as an alternative to traditional fossil fuels, and Entergy is one of the companies taking advantage of it.

Entergy Mississippi announced that they plan to break ground on a new solar farm in 2021, and expect construction to be completed in 2022. Located within Sunflower County, Mississippi, once finished this project will provide power to approximately 16,000 homes. With over 350,000 solar panels generating 100 MW worth of energy, the solar farm will cover 1,000 acres. This is not the first solar farm to be built by Entergy. The first solar farm began operating in 2015, and was soon joined by two others. It was the first utility-owned solar facility in the state. Entergy used the farms to study location differences, capacity factor, different weather patterns, and economic viability for larger systems. Each original solar farm generates 500 kW, and with the Sunflower Solar Facility, the total amount of solar energy produced by Entergy Mississippi to 101.5 MW.

“Building the utility of the future means embracing new technologies,” said Entergy Mississippi president Haley Fisackerly. “The Sunflower Solar Facility will support our plan to offer community solar to customers who want renewable energy as a part of their energy mix.”

Entergy Mississippi should be applauded for continuing its work to provide clean, sustainable energy. They are setting an excellent example for customers, and other utility companies in both Mississippi and elsewhere in the nation. By exploring and investing in new energy solutions such as solar farms, utility companies will be able to provide for their customers’ needs without having to resort to fossil fuels.

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