Florida Power & Light to Open 10 New Solar Projects

Florida Power Light Energy Solar

There’s been yet another big win for solar power, and this time it comes from Florida Power & Light (FPL). FPL is one of the biggest electric companies in the state of Florida. They have recently announced that they will begin construction on 10 new Florida solar projects. When all three are completed, they will generate 745 megawatts for FPL, which will increase the company’s total solar capacity by 60%. FPL already has several Florida solar farms generating 1,250 MW of electricity. With these new additions, FPL’s total capacity will be over 2,000 MW. That’s enough to power 400,000 homes!

This is all part of a larger project that FPL has in the works, called “30-by-30”. The company’s goal is to install more than 30 million solar panels by 2030- hence 30-by-30. Doing this will not only greatly reduce carbon emissions, but will also help keep customer’s utility bills low.

President and CEO Eric Silagy said, “FPL is well on its way to making Florida a world leader in solar energy. This year alone we’re building enough solar to increase our solar capacity by 60%, and we are just getting started as we count down to the installation of 30 million panels by 2030. With 18 solar plants in operation and 10 more on the way, we’re adding even more emissions-free power to one of the cleanest systems in the nation while consistently keeping our customers’ bills among the lowest in the nation.”

Florida Power & Light are very smart to start making these changes now. As time continues, fossil fuels will become more and more expensive. As a result, the utility companies will have to spend more to generate electricity. And that means that the customers will have to pay increased rates. Florida, solar and other renewable energy systems will soon be commonplace. Why would customers continue to pay high electricity bills when they could install Florida solar panel systems and make their own power?

It looks like Florida Power & Light has already seen the writing on the wall. By switching to renewable energy sources like Florida solar panels, FPL is avoiding a massive headache in the future. With so much of their power being generated by just the sun, their operational costs will be much smaller compared to companies who are slow to change. Meanwhile, customers of FPL will be enjoying clean solar energy, and continuing low rates.

Hats off to Florida Power & Light for taking a huge step towards 100% renewable energy. 745 MW of clean, Florida solar energy is amazing. The Florida solar energy industry is growing fast in ‘The Sunshine State’. Sunpro Solar is proud to be a part of the solar revolution in Florida and has already helped thousands of homeowners make the switch to solar. Don’t miss out on taking advantage of the federal and state incentives to help you go solar.

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