No More Lights Out: How Tesla Powerwall Gives You Peace of Mind

how does a tesla powerwall work

Life is unpredictable. And so is energy that comes from the grid. Disturbances to your utility company’s grid could leave your home powerless and at the mercy of… your utility company.

Free yourself from the grid and control your own power.

How? First, let’s take a look at the common causes of power outages.

Why do power outages happen?

The chances of power outages happening are actually fairly likely.

Lightning is the main cause of outages, but other weather related occurrences like heavy winds, rain or ice also could wipe out your power.

Car accidents can also lead to power outages if poles or wires are damaged. Even one tiny squirrel could wipe out energy for an entire neighborhood!

And if natural causes weren’t enough, your utility company regularly plans routine outages for maintenance.

All these reasons are just regular things. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes or other natural disasters, you know the damage that is caused by being out of power for days, weeks or months.

Power outages when you’re grid-tied are a way of life, but there is a way out.  

Solar Battery Storage: Freedom From Life’s Unpredictability

Control your own energy by producing it. Unless you have space for a wind farm, the only reliable way to do this is with solar panels installed right on your home.

Once you have solar panels installed, your home becomes a natural energy-producing goldmine. But wait- that means your home produces energy while the sun is shining. And although the sun produces enough potential energy in 1 minute to power the entire world, your solar panels can only take in so much. It’s like trying to hold an ocean inside a jar. It just never will be possible.

However, all the energy your panels produce during the day could be stored for use at night or let’s say, when a squirrel buries a nut in the electricity panel box.

The answer to this problem is solar battery storage like Tesla Powerwall.

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How Does Solar Battery Storage Work?

When a power outage happens, your home becomes completely vulnerable to your utility company’s reliability.

How much do you trust your utility company? Thought so.

Wondering how a solar battery works to protect your home from outages?

Essentially, a solar battery stores any excess power your panels produce.

During times of direct sunlight or when your power usage is at its lowest your solar panels can produce quite a lot of excess energy.

Don’t let this power go to waste- power that you could use the next time the grid goes down.

Solar Battery vs. Net-metering

A common question we get is, why do I need a battery backup if my utility company offers net-metering?

In some states, net metering allows you to sell your excess energy back to your utility company for credits on your energy bill. But this program isn’t in all states and depending on the rate, it could make more sense to store that extra power for later use.

Most importantly, without a solar battery, if the grid goes down, so does your power. 

If you’re looking for complete energy independence, you’re going to need a battery like Tesla Powerwall.

What does Tesla Powerwall do?

In a fraction of a second, Powerwall is able to detect a grid outage, disconnect from the grid and bring power back to your home.

That is over 100x faster than typical standby generators, and fast enough to keep your appliances running without interruption.

You won’t even have to reset your clocks or your alarm next time that pesky squirrel comes around.

How does a Tesla Powerwall work?

Step 1: The Install

After meeting with a certified Tesla Powerwall installer like Sunpro Solar, the first step is the install.

Your entire home is then backed up by our recommended number of Powerwalls. You can add more Powerwalls to keep your house operational longer during an outage.

If your electrical situation doesn’t allow for a whole home backup, we can backup select essential loads. Since lights and outlets require less energy, a single Powerwall will typically be sufficient and a secondary electrical panel is usually required.

Leave this part to us and you’ll be on your way to energy independence!

Step 2: Solar Panels + Solar Battery Storage = A Powerful Combo

So here’s how it works.

  1. Your solar panels produce power from the sun.
  2. During times of excess sunlight, or when your house is using the least amount of energy, that excess energy is stored in your Tesla Powerwall. The more Powerwalls you have, the more energy you can keep.
  3. That’s it. You control when your Powerwall switches on. During an outage it detects it within a fraction of a second so don’t have to worry.
tesla powerwall app
Step 3: The Power of Your House in Now Your Hands

Install the Tesla mobile app for full control of your home. Since it’s Tesla, you can be sure you’ll always have the most advanced technology out there.

The Tesla mobile app allows you to have full visibility into your self-powered home. 

Monitor your home solar generation, battery power flow, and household consumption in real-time from anywhere.

Control Your Energy

Seamlessly monitor and automatically manage your Powerwall, solar panels, Model S or X with the Tesla App.

Monitor Your Powerwall

Seamlessly monitor your Powerwall’s state of charge at any place, any time by using the Tesla App.

Better Over Time

With over-the-air software updates, Powerwall will continue to improve and adapt to your lifestyle.

tesla powerwall 2
Step 4: Peace of Mind

Now that you have the power in your hands, you get to control how you spend your energy.

And when a power outage does happen (let’s say from that squirrel), you won’t even realize — except for when you look outside and notice your neighbors without power.

And in times of disaster, this can be quite literally a life saver. For homes that include essential medical equipment, or even just to power your personal electronics, lights, kitchen appliances and refrigerator.

When you think of it that way, solar battery storage like Tesla Powerwall 2 is the only way for complete peace of mind.

Where to Buy Tesla Powerwall 2?

You can only get the Powerwall from an authorized Tesla installer. So if you’re looking for energy independence and complete peace of mind, reach out to an authorized installer like Sunpro Solar.

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