How to Save Electricity at Home

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With many of us suddenly working from home, you may be concerned that using all this electricity at home will affect your utility bill.

Normally you’d probably work eight to nine hours in an office building, and now you’re spending that extra time at home. Of course that’ll have an effect on your electric bill- but you may be wondering exactly how much of an effect it’ll be.

There’s no need to worry! Even if you’re using more electricity at home than you were before, there are ways that you can keep your monthly bill small. Here’s a few things you can do every day to help keep your utility bill right where you want it- as low as possible.

Limited-Net-Metering-Available-for-Georgia-Solar-PanelsHow to Lower Your Electricity Bill

  • Take advantage of the natural light
    Even if you can’t work outside, you can still enjoy all the sunshine. Instead of turning on your lights and lamps, open up your curtains and let all that sunlight into the house. Using all that natural light instead of light bulbs will help cut down on your electric bill.
  • Set your computer to Energy Saving Mode
    Whether you’re using a desktop, or a laptop, you can adjust your computer settings to a lower energy usage mode. When you do that, your computer will still run the same as it did before, but it won’t use as much electricity. So even if your computer is running all day, you’ll still be using less power.
  • Limit your appliance usage
    Working from home has a lot of perks- you can wear pajamas all day, you don’t have to buy your lunch, you don’t have to commute, etc. But when you’re at home, you may be tempted to do things like run the dishwasher, or your laundry machine, or turn on the TV for some background noise. Doing all those things at once uses a lot of electricity at home. Try to limit your power usage by being mindful of what appliances and electronics you use throughout the day.
  • Keep your thermostat set at the same temperature
    When you’re at the office, people may be adjusting the thermostat all the time. If you’re at home though, you can keep it however warm or cool you want. Instead of setting it super low or high though, consider dressing for your comfort. For example, if you like it warmer, wear thicker clothes. By doing this, not only will you be more comfortable, but you won’t have to adjust the thermostat so much. And the same goes if you like cooler temperatures. Dressing in comfortable clothes will keep you from changing the temperature, and will keep your electric bill lower.

Save Electricity at Home by Going Solar

Another option to save electricity at home is to add solar panels. Of course, we’d be glad to help you with that. We provide easy solar solutions for our customers, so you can switch to clean solar energy without any stress! Contact us today to learn more, or to schedule your free consultation!

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