Is the Tesla Powerwall Worth It?

Investing in Solar Batteries Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is a solar battery storage system that is installed with your solar PV panel system to keep your home powered, even through blackouts.

But, is the Tesla Powerwall worth the money?

Tesla’s second generation residential battery storage system, the Powerwall 2, delivers up to twice the energy density of the original. We take a look at why this battery could be a game changer for consumers

Let’s dive into the reasons why the Tesla Powerwall 2 battery storage system is worth the investment.

Is the Tesla Powerwall Worth It?

For those looking for complete energy independence, the Tesla Powerwall is a necessary investment.

Plus, to make it more accessible for homeowners, the Powerwall is eligible for the 26% solar tax credit when it’s installed on an existing or new solar system and is charged 100% with solar energy.

This tax incentive is only through 2021, so talk to a certified installer sooner rather than later if you’re considering it.

Why You Need a Solar Battery

It’s not possible to go completely off grid without a battery storage system, even when you have solar installed.

So if you’re looking for a reliable way to reduce your electricity bills or avoid blackouts, you’ll need a solar battery.

Top 4 Benefits of the Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery

1. Power through the night.

The most widely known benefit of the Tesla Powerwall is to produce all of your electricity without using energy from your local energy company. Solar panels often generate more electricity than a home can use during the day when the sun is shining. With the Powerwall, you can store that energy reserve to power your home at night or for later use, instead of letting that clean power go to waste.


Even if your solar panels are making you money with your utility company through net metering, the solar energy your panels produce is about 2-3 times more valuable than sending it to the utility company for credits. The only way your home can keep all the energy it produces is with a battery backup system like Tesla Powerwall.

2. Avoid surging electric prices.

Energy companies often raise their rates at certain times of the year and the cost of energy is constantly rising. With the Tesla Powerwall you can avoid these rates and peak charges. Even when your solar panels are not producing energy your home will still run on stored energy from the Powerwall. Check to see if your utility offers Time-of-Use rates which allows you to use less expensive solar energy you’ve already generated and stored in your Tesla Powerwall battery. Doing this will allow you to avoid electrical charges during more expensive rate periods.

3. Monitor your energy usage.

Each Powerwall installation includes a complete energy monitoring solution for your home. You can see how your home both produces and uses energy at any given time. Using the Tesla app, you can monitor your home energy system in real time.

tesla powerwall app

4. Protect your home.

The most enticing benefit of the Tesla Powerwall is to protect your home when disaster hits. When your neighborhood gets hit with storms, your Powerwall will keep your home powered. In addition, your Powerwall can communicate with the National Weather Service. When you enable Storm Watch, your Powerwall can prioritize charging in anticipation of severe weather.

Alternatively, the Powerwall will snap on within seconds from any grid outage.

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How does the Tesla Powerwall work?

  1. Solar begins powering your home in the morning when the sun rises.
  2. Excess solar energy charges your Powerwall.
  3. Powerwall runs your home at night.

Watch to find out more about how the Tesla Powerwall works:

Why A Tesla Powerwall 2?

To sum it all up, if your goal is to be energy-independent, the Tesla Powerwall is what you’re looking for. (Hooray for freedom from the grid and your local utility company!)

And even better news: Tesla Powerwall 2 boasts double the capacity of the original Powerwall. This means usable energy storage capacity of a whopping 13.5 kWh. And it doesn’t stop there.

It also has a greater power output capability of 7kW peak and 5kW continuous.

The battery has a 90% round-trip efficiency. Up to ten batteries may be installed together at one property, for homes with greater energy needs.

In summary, solar panels paired with the Tesla Powerwall solar battery keep your home pulling far less electricity from the grid.

This means less fossil fuels used to generate power and less pollution. The Powerwall doesn’t just help keep your environment green. You’ll be using less or no electricity at all from the grid, which means your monthly energy bill will significantly decrease.

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A Truly Flexible Energy Storage System

One of the great things about the Powerwall is the ability to add or stack units at any time.

The Tesla Powerwall Stack Kit joins two floor-mounted Powerwall units in front-to-back multi-Powerwall installations. The units are then secured with side clips and a top cover to prevent debris from falling between them. An optional bridge assembly conceals wire runs between the Powerwalls, preserving the clean lines of the installation.

Up to 3 floor-mounted Powerwalls can be joined using two Stack Kits. For systems with more than 3 Powerwalls, units of 3 can be assembled and stacked.

tesla powerwall 2 how it works

Tesla Powerwall Installation

The Tesla Powerwall is a smart investment for homeowners looking to get the most out of their solar panels. The electrical interface is just a a simple connection to any home, with options of a floor or wall mount. Its revolutionary compact design offers market-leading energy density and is easy to install.

However, the Powerwall can only be purchased and installed by approved Tesla installers.

This also means the price can vary depending on install requirements for your particular home and situation.

Even if you can find a good cost estimate by searching various sites, it’s best to get an official quote from an approved installer to find out how it all breaks down.

Solar rebates and incentives like the federal tax credit can drastically change the price and feasibility of this energy storage investment.

If you’d like to learn more about the Tesla Powerwall battery storage system or would like to learn more about switching to solar, contact us for a free quote.

Sunpro Solar handles the entire installation process from start to finish, so you can enjoy all the benefits with zero stress.

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Tesla Powerwall 2 Specs

The Tesla Powerwall is designed to be placed wherever you want and is easily mounted on the wall or the ground and can be placed indoors or outdoors.

It consists of a 14kWh lithium ion battery pack, a liquid thermal control system, an integrated inverter, and software that sends electricity to your home.

Performance Specs:
AC Voltage (Nominal): 120/240 V
Feed-In Type: Split Phase
Grid Frequency: 60 Hz
Total Energy: 14 kWh
Usable Energy: 13.5 kWh
Real Power, max continuous: 5 kW (charge and discharge)
Real Power, peak (10s, of-grid/backup): 7 kW (charge and discharge)
Apparent Power, max continuous: 5.8 kVA (charge and discharge)
Apparent Power, peak (10s, of-grid/backup): 7.2 kVA (charge and discharge)
Maximum Supply Fault Current: 10 kA
Maximum Output Fault Current: 32 A
Overcurrent Protection Device: 30 A
Imbalance for Split-Phase Loads: 100%
Power Factor Output Range: +/– 1.0 adjustable
Power Factor Range (full-rated power): +/– 0.85
Internal Battery DC Voltage: 50 V
Round Trip Efciency: 90%

Plus the Tesla Powerwall 2 has a 10 year warranty. 

Tesla Powerwall full specs.

Powerwall 2 Typical System Layouts

There are two configurations that can be used when installing the Powerwall. The first is the whole home backup model in which the solar panels produce energy and supplies the entire home during a grid outage. The backup gateway in this case includes a service disconnect from the grid.

tesla powerwall home system layout

In a partial home backup system layout, the Powerall provides backup power to essential loads, such as important appliances and equipment. In this case, a sub-panel connects the Powerwall to these specific circuits.

tesla powerwall 2 system layout

Confidence in a Backup Power Supply

powerwall weatherproof Durable Design    Touch Safe    Long Life    Always Connected 

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