It Pays to Have Friends (And the Sunpro Referral App)

Sunpro referral app

Think about all the friends, followers and connections you have across your multitude of social media accounts.

Did you ever think you could make money from that network? Now you can — by referring them to Sunpro!

Once you have created an account in the Sunpro Referral App, you can use your invite link to invite your friends.

You receive $20 and your friend gets $20 when they download the App and submit their first qualified referral! And with no extra work on your end, you’ll receive $200 each time someone in your network submits a sold solar referral.

Now that’s friends with benefits, right?

Take it from a Salesman

An easy way to tell if a perk is all that great is to see if it’s used by the company’s own employees.

We asked Sunpro Solar Specialist Jason about the Referral App, and his review was, dare we say it, glowing. Jason says networking with customers is a powerful part of his Referral App success, “After the deal closes, they want to send you their friends and family because they trust you. I’ve got one neighborhood in San Antonio that I’ve sold 100 deals to. And it’s all from referrals.”

But you don’t have to be a Sunpro Solar specialist or sales team member to reap the benefits. Anyone can refer Sunpro to family, friends and neighbors and earn extra cash from the app in the process.

“If I could choose only one tool to use, hands down it would be the referral app.” — Jason

Aim to Frame

Boost your sales from referrals through your social network using our new Facebook Referral App Frames.

Choose from four frames, and let your picture invite interested friends — all with no extra reaching out or networking on your part.

facebook RA frames

To choose your frame, search ‘Sunpro Referral’ in the Frame Studio under ‘Update Profile Picture’.

Get started with these instructions.

Add a Frame. Then, Add Your Friends.

The Sunpro Solar Referral App is a unique solar leads-sharing app that makes it easy to get extra cash just by adding qualified friends.

Adding a playful, Sunpro frame around your profile picture is a good way to let your connections know that you can earn them money and get them on their way to going solar.

You and your friends can earn money. What’s not to like about that?

Relationships Get Rewarded

All it takes to get a solid network of referrals is to rely on the strength of your relationships with others.

Whether you are a salesperson with great customer relationships or you have great friendships with friends and neighbors, the Referral App makes it easy for the homeowners you know to go from interested to invested.

And you’ll get the benefit of the rewards.

All you have to do is consider the conversations you’ve had with others about solar, add them into the Sunpro Referral App and in no time, you’ll be making money.

Refer and Earn — As Simple as That

We’ve taken the referral process and made it even easier.

And now, even more rewarding… as much as $1535 to be exact.

When someone from your referral network decides to go solar with Sunpro (or get a new roof with Buildpro), the Referral App will notify you and tell you how much you’ll get paid!

The way it works is simple:

  1. Enter the contact info for your referrals
  2. Add more referrals to grow your network.
  3. Enjoy unlimited earnings with each appointment.

For more information on the app, read here.

Earn Money with Each Qualified Friend

When you enter your (qualified) friend’s contact info into the Referral App, it won’t take long for you to start earning.

Get $20 when the friend you invite downloads the app and submits their first qualified referral using your personal invite link. Your friend will get $20, too.

Even better, you’ll receive $35 when you submit a qualified referral.

The Referral App also gives you the tools to track the status of your referral network as well as the amount you’re earning from each qualified referral.

Unlimited Referral Earnings

Each new qualified referral can earn you up to $1,535! You’ll receive $1,000 when they go solar, and then an extra $500 if they get a new roof, too.

But what you earn doesn’t stop there. The earnings apply to each referral who goes solar and gets a new roof with Sunpro.

The more referrals you make who purchase a home solar system, the more potential you have to make thousands in referral earnings!

sunpro referral app on phone

If You Already Own Solar, Get It Paid For

While you can certainly pocket your earnings or use rewards as a form of “fun” money, many Sunpro Solar Referral App users who have already gone solar enjoy using their earnings to pay for their home solar system.

It’s a clever referral app trick that’s worked for hundreds of solar homeowners like you. With unlimited earnings from referrals, you can apply the thousands of dollars toward the cost of your solar set-up.

Sunpro Referrals makes it so that your referral network pays for solar.

How to Get the Sunpro Referral App

Download the Sunpro Solar Referral App from iTunes or Google play store.

For more information and step-by-step read here.

To read FAQs about the Sunpro Solar referral app read here.

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