You’re in Luck! Earn Extra Cash Easily, with the Sunpro Solar Referral App

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Wearing Green? How Would You Like to Earn Some?

Is today your lucky day? With the Sunpro Solar Referral App, it could be. The Sunpro Solar Referral App is a free, fun and unique solar referrals-sharing app that makes it easy to earn extra cash when your qualified friends make the switch to solar.

As luck should have it, you’re hearing about a pretty prosperous little secret. Each new qualified referral can earn you as much as $1,535. You receive your first $35 when your referral completes their first appointment. You’ll receive $1,000 when they go solar, and then an extra $500 if they get a new roof, too.

The way we see it, that’s the kind of luck and good fortune St. Patrick’s Day is all about. If you’re already wearing green, keep reading to see how you can earn some, too.

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Earn Extra Cash Easier Than Finding a Pot of Gold

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The Sunpro Solar Referral App is a little-known tool that’s earning users some serious cash on the side. A leprechaun couldn’t do any better. Whether in-person or virtually, earning from adding to your network is easy. Your earnings from your referral network accumulate quickly and, even better, come in unlimited amounts. All you have to do is continue to grow your network to earn even more.

So what if your neighbors aren’t quite ready to make the leap to rooftop solar power, but you know that they need a new roof? The Sunpro Solar Referral App isn’t solar exclusive – you can also use it to refer friends for a roofing consultation with our team of professional roofing contractors at Buildpro.

Get Cash Quickly

One of the best features of the Sunpro Solar Referral App is that every new, qualified referral has the potential to earn money for you. When your family member, friend or network connection downloads the Referral App and submits their first qualified solar referral using your unique personal invitation link, you have the opportunity to earn cash quickly.

Invite someone with your link, and the Referral App works the same as putting a referral into your network. In order for them to be included in your network, they just need to sit through a solar consultation with a Sunpro Solar Specialist. You’ll receive $35 as simple as that. (And your referral will get $25, too.) Now that they’re in your network, you’ll receive an additional $200 when someone they refer decides to go solar.

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Enjoy Unlimited Earnings

What’s better than having luck on your side? Better quality solar referrals. That’s because there’s no limit to what you can earn, so the more solar-interested friends you add, the more you earn. No limit means there’s no stopping you from earning hundreds and even thousands in easy cash. The amount you earn is entirely up to you. What’s more, the unlimited earnings apply to each referral who goes solar with Sunpro Solar or gets a new roof with Buildpro.

Grow Your Network for More

Each new connection is a new opportunity to grow your Referral App network. Tell them a bit about solar power and see if they’re interested. Or see if they’ve expressed any interest in a roof replacement. Then, get them set up for an appointment in your network. Simply use the built-in networking tools and some of your own social skills to add more friends, family, co-workers and others to your Referral App network. Unlimited, easy earnings could be headed your way in no time — no luck necessary.

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Custom Networking Tools (Consider Yourself Lucky)

Imagine yourself searching for the end of a rainbow. You’re likely to find more money coming from your referral list — beginning to end. And now all you have to do is tell your friends and family where to find you when they’re ready to switch to solar.

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Personal Website

One of the latest updates to the Sunpro Solar Referral App is a customized website feature for every user to track, manage and earn from their network. Your personal web page acts as your own unique referral dashboard where you can track and add referrals. Simply share the link to your personal website with your network such as your family, friends, more-than-friends or anyone else. Their contact information is added directly into your Referral App network when they fill out the form on your custom site. When they fill out the form on the site, their contact information is added directly into your app network.

Share in a few steps.
  1. Open your App   
  2. Go to ‘Add a Referral’ 
  3. Share using the bottom links

Easy Networking Tools

Sunpro Referral App

Opportunity to earn is everywhere. And it’s certainly easier to find than a four leaf clover. If you and the contacts in your referral network are in one of the states we serve, your personal website will be a great hub for managing your network and keeping track of your earnings. Share, grow, earn, repeat — you’ll love just how easy it is to use the Referral App as a source of passive income, all from growing your referral network. We’ve already paid out more than $4 million to our Sunpro Referral App users since 2018.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Enter the contact info for your referrals
  2. Add more referrals to grow your network.
  3. Enjoy unlimited earnings with each appointment.

Pretty easy, right? For more information on the app, read here.

Social Media Frames

Looking to expand your network beyond the lucky few you’ve talked to? Well, your personal referrals website has its own unique link to make it easy to share your private link directly via Facebook, Twitter, text message, email or in your Instagram bio. Adding a fun Sunpro Solar Referral App frame around your profile picture on your social media accounts is an easy way to let your connections know that both of you can earn extra cash by referring friends to go solar. Get started with these instructions.

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How to Share Your Personal Link

Have a lot of friends? Lucky you! Just share the link to your personal website with your network — friends, family or anyone else. Their contact information is added directly into your Referral App network when they fill out the form on your custom site.

All you have to do is share your custom page with friends and followers on social media. Don’t know where to start? No problem. We’ve even made the post for you. The Sunpro Solar Referral App automatically uploads an eye-catching image that you can customize with your own message.

Where to Download the App

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For more information and step-by-step read here.

To read FAQs about the Sunpro Solar referral app read here.

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