Mississippi Schools Looking to Go Solar

Mississippi Schools Considering Solar Power

In Mississippi, solar energy is becoming a hot topic. Educational institutions are getting on board with the power of sunshine and the savings that solar energy offers. Recently, there have been some Mississippi schools pioneering the solar frontier, and looking to install solar panels. Lauderdale County and Forrest County are two districts interested in switching to clean, renewable solar energy.

Forrest County School District Superintendent Brian Freeman said “We found out about a potential grant situation dealing with solar energy. We have explored options there and found out we could possibly qualify for one of our schools to get up to possibly $250,000 to supply solar energy to one of our schools. It may or may not fund the entire school, but it’s certainly an offset that we would enjoy as a school district and not be out any funds whatsoever.”

The grant agreement was presented during the Forrest County School District Board of Directors meeting. If funding is approved, it will be sent to the school district to begin an engineering study to help plan the most efficient way to install Mississippi solar panel systems for the schools. This study will detail installation specifics, outline exact costs, and will draw up future plans.

There is no timeline on when exactly it would be approved, or when the installation would begin, although Freeman said “We would love to see something start progressing during the summer.”

Meanwhile, the school in Lauderdale County may be installing Mississippi solar panels very soon. The Lauderdale County School Board has approved a renewable energy grant that will install solar panels on one campus. The Superintendent, John-Mark Cain, is excited to see the benefits solar panels will bring the district and plans on adding solar energy to other campuses thereafter.

In Mississippi, solar energy is growing, and many homeowners and business are taking advantage of the Federal Solar Tax Credit that gives you back 26% of the total costs spent. Mississippi solar company Sunpro Solar is helping to bring Mississippi residents and government buildings the opportunity to utilize clean energy and cash in on the savings.

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