New Florida Solar Farm is Lighting Up the State


The Sunshine State is getting lit up with yet another Florida solar farm! This particular solar panel system is called the DeBary project, and is the last of three Florida solar farms being constructed by Duke Energy Florida. Duke Energy has been investing in solar power at increasing rates, and this is just the latest move towards using purely green energy.

The DeBary Florida solar farm is being built on over 350 acres of land in Volusia County, and will consist of over 300,000 solar panels. When the entire system is up and producing electricity, it will produce 74.5 MW of electricity annually, and employ over 100 workers. That’s enough to power roughly 20,000 homes. It is one of three solar farms being constructed by Duke Energy Florida. The electricity produced will help expand the company’s sunlight-to-electricity program to meet a growing demand for renewable energy from customers.

Catherine Stempien, Duke Energy Florida state president, expressed excitement over the constriction of DeBary and the other two solar farms when they were first announced. “These three solar power plants,” she said, “are expected to eliminate nearly 800 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions in Florida each year upon commercial operation. That’s the equivalent of taking about 70,000 passenger cars off the road each year. These projects represent our commitment to the environment and more fuel diversity in the state as we strategically pace the expansion of renewable generation for our Florida customers’ benefit.”

Duke Energy plans to continue to heavily invest in Florida solar energy over the next decade.They’ve targeted future investments into more solar panel farms, but also solar battery storage, improved power grids, and other green technologies. The company is investing an estimated $1 billion in total to either build or buy a total of 700 MW of solar power facilities through 2022.

Sunpro Solar is excited to see Florida solar power take the spotlight in the Sunshine State’s energy portfolio. With Duke Energy serving as an example, hopefully other companies and homeowners will follow along and start investing in green energy sources as well. And Sunpro Solar is here to help. We offer high-quality solar installation services with high-quality materials. And we handle the entire process from start to finish, so you can enjoy the finished product without having to worry about a thing. Contact us today to learn more about switching to solar power!

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