Be Part of the North Carolina Solar Energy Expansion

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Solar energy is expanding in North Carolina. From 2013 to 2019, solar has grown in leaps, almost doubling every year.

Along with two major solar projects under construction in North Carolina, solar panels are going up on homes in neighborhoods all across the state.

In fact, North Carolina is ranked second in the United States only after California in the amount of installed solar power generating capacity.

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And while solar energy keeps growing, fossil fuel alternatives like coal keep plummeting. That means not only is solar a great option for residents in North Carolina, but it’s also the energy source of the future.

This is precisely why Sunpro is expanding its territory into North Carolina. In the past year, we’ve grown into Charlotte, Raleigh and Durham areas. And we don’t plan on stopping there!

Reasons to Go Solar in North Carolina

Wondering why you should switch to solar if you live in North Carolina? There are so many reasons, it’s hard to find a reason not to. Not only is it the energy of the future, but North Carolina gives out some pretty great incentives for switching to clean solar energy.

  1. 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit: Have your solar panels installed before December 31, 2020 and you will be eligible for this 26% tax credit on your system.
  2. Net Metering for North Carolina: net metering is when you sell excess energy back to the utility company as credits for later use. This can mean substantial savings for times when you use the most energy like night.
  3. North Carolina Solar Rebates: This is an extra incentive for going solar in the state of North Carolina and puts even more money back in your pocket.
  4. Property Tax Exemption for North Carolina Solar Panels: Solar panels installed in North Carolina are 80% exempt from property taxes. This is just another added bonus for going solar in North Carolina. Your house property goes up without all those extra taxes.

And if that wasn’t enough, North Carolina energy prices are on the rise. Going solar lets you take control of rising electricity prices in the future. Fire your electric company and choose solar before the end of the year to qualify for the 26% federal solar tax credit.

Ready to switch to solar energy? Get a free quote and see how it can save you money.

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