Why October is the Best Time to Go Solar

june solar incentives

Now’s the time to go solar with the Sunpro Solar Power Program. 

What is the Sunpro Solar Power Program?

When you go solar in October, get 12 months free* solar on us!

Are you ready to finally make the decision to switch to clean, renewable solar power? The Sunpro Solar Power Program comes at just the right time, when electricity prices are rising and energy consumption is high during the upcoming winter months. Not to mention avoiding power outages due to routine maintenance and natural disasters.

At Sunpro Solar, we know the importance of protecting your future from rising energy costs, power outages and uncertainty. That’s why through our new Solar Power Program, we’ll pay your solar loan for 12 months* when you switch to solar.

Stop paying rising electricity rates and go solar for as little as $0 down. 

In addition to this lucrative incentive through Sunpro see how much you can save when you stack it on top of the solar incentive programs in your area. All together,  homeowners can save thousands. Get a free year of solar when you sign up today.

26% Federal Tax Credit

There is no better incentive than the Federal Solar Tax Credit, that gives you 26% back in credit on your federal taxes for your entire solar system, installation, and solar battery.

Access To The Best Local Financial Incentives

See how much you can save with our solar incentive programs in your area that are saving homeowners thousands. Maximize the benefits that solar energy has to offer when you make the switch with Sunpro.

Certified Solar Battery Installer

You can rest assured all work is done by certified professionals at Sunpro, who are trained to install your solar system and Enphase Encharge solar battery in the most efficient and safest way.

Roof Replacement Available

If you need a roof as well, choose Sunpro and our sister company, Buildpro will have your roof replaced by certified installers in no time.

Free Energy Efficiency Home Upgrade

Have the certified energy efficiency experts at Energypro, another helpful arm of Sunpro, do a free energy audit on your home. They’ll help you identify areas for improvement and find out how to make your home as energy efficient as possible.

Here are some more great reasons to go solar this month with Sunpro Solar:

Protect yourself from rising electricity rates

Save hundreds of dollars every month on your electric bill

Sell your energy with solar buy-back programs

$0 Down Solar Options

Free Solar Quote

*Please speak to your rep for details on the program and disclaimers. Offer may change at any time. Subject to credit approval. Application required. Not valid with any other offers or discounts. The Sunpro Solar Power Program is available until October 31, 2021. Subject to system size limitations of 10kW or less & check mailed after solar installation.

Find out how much you can save with Sunpro Solar