Solarize Your Woodlands, Texas Home

Mississippi home solar panels

Good news for homeowners in the Woodlands, Texas looking to go solar! Solarize the Woodlands, a branch of the Houston Renewable Energy Group (HREG), has recently formed. This group is dedicated to informing and educating people about solar power, and helping others get solar panels in the Woodlands.

HREG’s mission is to “Empower all people to adopt renewable energy through education and community engagement.” They are a non-profit organization, and welcome energy enthusiasts, developers, engineers, specialists, and many others as their members. They develop and promote educational workshops, provide resources to help consumers make informed choices about renewable energy, and much more. Houston is a little greener every day because HREG helps more economic, renewable energy solutions come to the city.

Solarize the Woodlands assists those looking to get solar panels in the Woodlands by not only answering questions, but also by negotiating with installation companies. Committee Members of Solarize the Woodlands will reach out to area solar installers to request proposals, and select installers for the program. They will also negotiate with the installation company for a discounted rate for members, usually around 15%. The installer will receive advice, education, guidelines, and more to ensure the solar panels in the Woodlands are installed correctly, and to generate the most energy.

If you are interested in joining Solarize the Woodlands, you can reach out to There is no commitment to go solar required when you join, and it is a great organization where you can learn more about the benefits of solar energy. Be sure to consider that if you get solar panels in the Woodlands in the next year, you could also take advantage of the 30% federal solar tax credit. That combined with the 15% discount negotiated by Solarize the Woodlands could reduce the cost of your solar panels by as much as 45%!

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