Sunpro Solar Joins Forces with Airstreams Renewables

The solar industry is blazing! And Sunpro Solar is always shining a beam to find new and energetic talent. We’re actively seeking those ready to become one of our skilled installation experts. Subsequently, Sunpro Solar has partnered with the Airstreams Renewables program to find the perfect military and veteran candidates ready for a seamless career transition.

The Airstreams Renewables Program

The Airstreams Renewables Energy and Communications Tower Technician Program is a dynamic and comprehensive approach to educate and train active military and veterans. This 240-hour course that combines the knowledge of solar professions with hands-on training tailored to the field.

Airstreams gives flawless instruction and even a detailed pre-interview preparation to their students. After that, Airstreams graduates are proven to be beyond capable. They build a long-lasting, prosperous foundation in the solar industry through this accelerated program.

Here is a snapshot of Airstreams’ vigorous training program, where graduates will walk out of those doors with the following certifications:

Airstreams Renewables

  • Airstreams Renewables Energy & Communications Tower Technician Program Certification
  • Authorized Climber and Rescue
  • CPR/First Aid AED Card
  • OSHA 10-Hours Construction Safety Card
  • Electrical and Electrical Metering Safety
  • Fasteners, Torque, and Tension
  • Level 1 Crane Rigging
  • Signalperson
  • Capstan Hoist
  • CADWELD Exothermic Welding

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This program provides future installation technicians with the knowledge and ability to excel in a career in solar. Of course, Sunpro is eager to hire.

The Military Difference

Sunpro Solar has discovered a sweet spot for hiring veterans. Through intense military training, these veterans bring several key elements to the workforce. More importantly, candidates with a military background stand out with the following capabilities that make them perfect for Sunpro Solar:


Active military and veterans alike have keen leadership experience that propel them to the highest ranks of our field. They demonstrate a “take charge” personality. in short, it’s what aids them in accomplishing the goals they’ve set and can be aligned with the goals of our company.


Military professionals present very well. Therefore, they display the demeanor of attentiveness that is characteristic of our installers. It’s vital that our employees project an air of assuredness when conveying the vast knowledge learned from their program.


When you’re built military-grade strong, employers expect a certain level of dependability. We trust the ability for candidates to succeed with the knowledge the program provides.


As mentioned above, the Airstreams program is no joke. With mandatory classes, hands-on exams, and possible time away from home, there had to be a true commitment to the future from its graduates.

Simply completing the programs proves these candidates are driven, dependable and hungry for the chance to grow and build their career in solar. Hopefully, that’s with Sunpro Solar.

The Sunpro Solar Advantage

Sunpro Solar is helping more and more customers switch to solar. With locations sprouting up all over the U.S., Sunpro Solar is eager to locate potential candidates. These ex-military people have demonstrated the great values and confidence that our positions require. Therefore, Sunpro Solar has already hired 33 graduates of the Airstreams Renewables program. We’ve found that military professionals are top-tier potential for the solar industry. We’d love to hire more.

Benefits of Going Solar with Sunpro Solar

There’s a reason why Sunpro Solar is highly recommended to Airstreams Renewables graduates. Firstly, a great aspect of the job is that new hires have the opportunity to work in a desired location across the nation. Sunpro Solar routinely recognizes the hard work and growth of our employees. Subsequently, Airstream graduates are quickly promoted. They tend to lead their own crews in no time. We also provide the opportunity for Apprentice Electricians to receive the necessary hours to obtain a Journeyman’s License.

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Sunpro Solar, A Veteran-Owned Business

Responsibility, service and most importantly, integrity. At Sunpro Solar, we look for these values, and often, members of the armed forces have them. Our support for veterans and their families shows through our work.

In December 2020, Sunpro Solar was added to the annual Vet100 list, which acknowledges the nation’s fastest growing veteran-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. The demand for home solar in the United States is rapidly increasing. Sunpro Solar steadily expands nationwide with a commitment to hire veterans and their family members.

Sunpro Solar + Airstreams Renewables = A Great Partnership for Supplying Jobs for the Armed Forces

Airstreams Renewables offers a bottomless pool of candidates for many of Sunpro’s positions in Operations and more. In addition to vets, Sunpro Solar also hires family and friends of the Airstream graduates. We’ve successfully employed wives, mothers, brothers, and other family members to work in one of our many remote call center positions.

April Leake, Sunpro Solar Acquisition Specialist, says there’s a huge relief when soldiers discover they’ve earned a job at Sunpro. “They no longer worry about life after the military or how they will be able to support their family. Sunpro is changing lives of our nation’s finest one job at a time,” she says.

Through a partnership with Airstreams Renewables, Sunpro Solar can achieve its dreams. Moreover, we can provide job opportunities to eligible candidates all over, while bringing clean, renewable energy to homes across the United States. Sunpro Solar is doing its part in keeping veterans employed after their service. Vets are able to provide for their families and we believe in investing in potential. By selecting candidates from a pool of well-trained, highly efficient military personnel, we’re ensuring that the quality of our product and customer service is unparalleled.

In conclusion, Airstreams graduates often yearn to get a footing in a career path that can secure the futures of their families and Sunpro Solar is that helping hand ready to guide them on a path towards solar.

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