Sunpro Thanks Our Veterans

Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran’s Day. On this day, we stop and take a moment to salute all the brave servicemen and women of our nation, and honor the countless tremendous sacrifices which they have made to preserve the freedom that we enjoy every day. We would also like to acknowledge the many veterans who are among us here at Sunpro Solar, and show our appreciation for their courage.

Sunpro Solar was founded by U.S. Army Veteran, Marc Jones, and we are proud of the veterans who are with us. But we aren’t the only solar company who has former military in its ranks. In fact, U.S. veterans make up more than 10% of the current solar workforce. And so we’d like to say “Thank you,” this Veteran’s Day, to you, our veterans. You deserve only the highest standards of service, because that’s what you’ve given to our nation. And because we want to ensure that the brave men and women know they’ll get that from Sunpro Solar, we have become a member of Union Reporters.

From the beginning, Union Reporters’ primary goal has been the welfare of their members and customers. They work to provide simple and affordable ways to promote products and services to local union members, city and government workers, credit union members, and military personnel. They are the #1 resource site for these groups, and strive every day to provide their customers with a level of service unequalled in their industry. And since Sunpro Solar’s goal is the same, joining Union Reporters was an easy choice to make.

Thank You Sunpro Solar Veterans:

Marc Jones, FounderArmy
Alex JimenezAir Force
Cameron WaltersMarine Corp
Christine LaneArmy
Cody BlackArmy
Curtis McFaddenNavy
Jamie ManueAir Force
Jason SmithArmy
Jason WilkeyAir Force
Jon FurlongArmy
Jonathan GrantArmy
Joseandrian RodriguezArmy
Josh Faulkner
Kurt SmytheMarine Corp
Mitch CreelAir Force
Ray RinehartNavy
Shannon BrewerCoast Guard
Thomas MoseleyAir Force
Tito FuentesArmy
Trey WheatleyNavy
Will FluittMarine Corp
Willie KingNavy



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