LAST CHANCE: Get the 2020 Solar Tax Credit Before it Expires

2020 solar tax credit

This is an important reminder for anyone who wants to go solar and take full advantage of the maximum solar tax credit incentives available. The 2020 Solar Tax credit from the United States federal government will drop by 4% in 2021, which means you’ll miss out on a substantial amount of tax credits by waiting until next year to install solar power.

Go solar before October 31, and you can have Sunpro install solar panels on your rooftop that will save you money on electricity costs at the most affordable prices.

Thanks, in large part, to the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit on the entire cost of your home solar system that’s only around for as long as 2020. That means there’s no time to wait.

The 2020 Solar Tax Credit Expires Soon

There are serious solar cost-savings on the table. Sunpro will put a solar system in place that drops your electric bill, and we’ll make sure that you get the best options for your energy needs and install at the best price.

But we can’t stress enough just how important it is that you time your switch to solar before October 31.

The deadline is just around the corner, and we want to make sure you get an installation at the most affordable prices as well as your best chance at an optimal tax credit.

If you have been interested in going solar, now is the best time to make the switch. Let us help you take advantage of all the incentives out there.

Serious Solar Savings

The 2020 Federal Solar Tax Credit is at the highest available rate: 26%. That means serious savings on your tax returns when it comes time to file.

Unfortunately, it will only be around another few months.

But before we say “so long” to 2020 and the 26% federal solar tax credit, we want to make sure you get as much opportunity as possible to claim it with your switch to solar.

We recommend that you sign up before October 31 to ensure you get this year’s tax credit. Next year it’ll only be 22%!

The credit also applies to home battery storage like the Tesla Powerwall. While such a generous tax credit is still around, include a battery in your system to store excess power and get even more value from your home’s solar panels.

Time is running out to take maximum advantage of the 26% federal solar tax credit. Let Sunpro show you how to lock in this year’s best solar panel tax credit before it disappears.

Why Should I Get the Federal Solar Tax Credit Now?


Get Free Solar for the Rest of the Year

While you’re making your switch to solar, why not save even more?

Right now, Sunpro offers Free Solar Until 2021 — a limited-time opportunity to have Sunpro write you a check that covers your solar payments  for the remainder of the year.

But you have to go solar before October 31.

By signing with Sunpro by the deadline, you’re giving yourself the best chance at claiming the 26% solar panel tax credit and our offer for Free Solar Until 2021.

Switch to Solar and Save

Deals like this won’t be around much longer. October is the final month to ensure your solar installation and secure your 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit.

Go solar with Sunpro and get the best rates and offers before time runs out. Both the Solar Tax Credit and Free Solar Until 2021 are readily available for homeowners who qualify.

To see if you qualify, click below for a free estimate and to schedule an appointment with a solar specialist.

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