Top Solar Cities – San Antonio

San Antonio Solar Riverwalk

Exciting news for people in San Antonio. The city is ranked number 5 in the top solar cities in the United States! 

That is an amazing advance for Texas and renewable energy. According to Saur Energy International, Alamo City’s solar capacity increased 36% in 2019 and brought it to a total of 254.47 MW of solar energy. That’s a lot of solar energy.

Throughout the world, solar energy is expanding faster than expected because of two main factors; the advances in technology that are being made and the dropping cost of electricity for solar projects. 

The United States in total has roughly 77.7 gigawatts of solar capacity installed. This is more than enough to power one in every 10 homes in the United States, says Saur Energy International. America’s top solar cities have played a large role in the clean energy revolution, San Antonio, Texas being one of them. 

If you are a homeowner in San Antonio or another city in Texas there are huge financial incentives for homeowners and businesses to go solar, such as, the CPS Energy rebate, net metering, tax credits and tax exemption. 

Sunpro is proud to service one of the top solar cities and make an impact in the clean energy revolution. We believe that going solar and reducing the use of coal and fossil fuels will greatly impact not only the United States but the whole world while lowering your electric bill, raising your home value and saving you money. It’s a win win for everyone!

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