Town Residents Learn About Going Solar in Oklahoma

oklahoma learns about solar power

All over the U.S., people are making the switch to green, renewable energy. Renewable energy and solar are becoming the new way to power your home, especially with the strong push to go green. Because of the demand to know more about solar, a group is traveling to communities around the state to educate on the benefits of going solar in Oklahoma.

One such group is a state-based solar panel company and their goal is to educate people about the many benefits of going solar, as well as addressing any concerns. J.W. Peters, the founder of this company, wanted to fix the lack of knowledge that many Oklahomans have about solar energy. “What we’ve learned over the past six months is that there are a lot of people in Oklahoma that don’t understand how solar works. We just want to go out and educate people in what the process looks like, how solar works, what it means for the customers, their pocket books and long term investment in their own energy independence.”

There’s plenty to learn when it comes to installing solar in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma solar market has been growing, just like in other states. And it’s partially thanks to efforts such as this to educate people. There’s plenty to learn about solar panel systems, including net metering, the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit, as well as other state and local incentives. People are also starting to catch onto just how much they can save each month thanks to solar panels. And thanks to groups such as this one, the information is coming straight to the town halls so people can attend and learn.

One of the biggest lessons that can be taught is that, In addition to the generous savings, solar energy is also carbon-neutral, which means zero pollution. Utility companies create their electricity by harvesting, processing, and using fossil fuels. This is an expensive and dirty process that creates both pollution and high bills. With solar panels, residents in Oklahoma can know they’re getting their power from solar power rather than fossil fuels. As one attendee, Pat Meirick said, “I drive an electric car, so I’m aware that the electric car is only as clean as the source of energy that the electricity comes from.”

And when it comes to the cost of fossil fuels, it’s the customers who pay the final bill. The electric utility company just increases their rates, and with them, their customers’ monthly expenses. But by installing solar in Oklahoma, this issue can be avoided altogether. One resident of Norman, Oklahoma, Barbara Ross, installed solar panels and hasn’t looked back since. Prior to installing solar panels, she paid up to $160 a month. Now, after going solar in Oklahoma, she pays only a minimum $25 service fee. “It’s been a life changer for me,” she said.

Thanks to excellent programs such as this, Oklahoma residents can learn all about solar energy. With this new information, people will feel more informed and can be confidant that going green with solar in Oklahoma is the right choice.

Sunpro Solar is helping homeowners and businesses make the smart switch to solar. We would love the opportunity to educate you further on why now is the best time to go solar.

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