TVA to Build New Mississippi Solar Farm

Mississippi Solar Farm

If you’ve been following the Mississippi solar industry lately, there’s some exciting things about to happen! Lowndes County is about to see some hustle and bustle because Tennessee Valley Authority (abbreviated as TVA), is about to build a brand-new Mississippi solar farm! TVA is a leading electric utility provider to multiple states, and their new project will help make the Magnolia State a little brighter.Once the final details are approved by the Lowndes County supervisors and the solar installation company, TVA’s Mississippi solar farm will begin construction. The solar project will be built on a 4,000-acre site and will produce 200 MW of electricity. TVA has also expressed interest in adding another 150 MW in the future, which would bring the total generation capacity to 350 MW. That energy, explained TVA, would be purchased by customers wanting to use green electricity, but who are unable to install their own renewable energy systems.

“This is the first time,” said Doug Perry, TVA vice president of commercial energy solutions, “that we’re announcing a solar project that is at the right price if the customers want it, we can offer this renewable power to them, and if not enough customers want this power we will buy it for our system needs. And it will come with a 50-MW battery- our first utility-scale battery.”

“We need a lot of solar,” Perry said, “so we are going to continue to put out RFPs (requests for proposals) from solar developers and we are out on the hunt ourselves to build more solar farms.”

The electricity will be used to power TVA’s own facilities as well. The Mississippi solar farm will cost roughly $200 million to build and will consist of 650,000 solar panels. When completed, TVA’s Mississippi solar farm will produce enough to power over 45,000 homes.

“TVA can design, build, own and operate solar units very cost effectively, especially now as the efficiency of solar panels has increased and the costs of solar generation has gone down, “said Jeff Lyash, TVA President. “But we want to continually test the market to see what is most cost effective for our customers.

This is a good move by TVA, and it’s a great sign for Mississippi solar advocates. Customers of TVA who want to go green but are unable to install solar panels can still switch to clean, renewable energy. TVA will use less dirty fossil fuels to generate electricity, which will mean less pollution, and greater savings for their customers. With any luck, other utility companies in Mississippi will get the same idea and start investing in solar energy as well.

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