OutBack Power

Outback PowerOutBack Power was started up in 2001 when three engineers realized that the renewable energy industry was on the verge of becoming very, very big. And their suspicions proved correct. Since their founding, OutBack Power has become widely recognized for their battery backup systems. Also communications products and both off-grid and grid-tie outback inverters. But what has brought them such high standing is their excellent designs and manufacturing of battery-based, off-grid renewable energy systems.

Outback In The Solar Industry

Solar panels are becoming increasingly efficient in their rate of energy capture. That means that solar panels can, and often do, capture more energy than the owner of the solar system uses. Rather than send that excess energy to the grid, many homeowners are now using solar battery systems to retain that extra energy for themselves. OutBack batteries systems are built using the industry’s best technology and materials to ensure maximum storage for your energy.

Outback Power And Sunpro

At Sunpro Solar, we use the OutBack EnergyCell line of batteries. You can read more about the different batteries in that line and compare them here.

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