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SmartFlower Solar Technology

Smartflower Solar, clean solar energy for your home or business. It is easy to install, highly efficient, has sun tracking technology and looks beautiful. One of the most attractive features of this device is the stunning variety of colors listed on the right.

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Solar Features

The SmartFlower can easily be installed in just a few hours and it requires no effort once in service. Using its unique tracking system, automatically optimizes the generation of solar energy throughout the day.</[>

Fully integrated, all-in-one solar system that can be installed anywhere. A complete plug-and-play system, SmartFlower makes installing solar at your home or business FAST and EASY. All it requires is a quick setup by one of our solar installers and you’ll be producing clean energy for your home or business right away. A big advantage is that this system can be packed up and simply moved to your new site.

Solar Safety

Your flower will be self-cleaning. Has safety sensors that continuously monitor wind speeds. SmartFlower automatically prevents damage from adverse weather conditions. The this system has been tested in hail conditions and easily passed the test.

Solar Installation

To conclude, SmartFlower Solar installation requires a certified technician. The SmartFlower arrives fully assembled and is very simple to install. However, final placement of the SmartFlower requires a crane or large forklift to move it. Electrical connection to the building’s distribution requires a licensed electrician. It is important that the initial operational programming is performed only by a certified technician.

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