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Information for going solar for Business Customers. Find out about Commercial Solar Installation Types, Big Solar Savings For Business and Commercial Solar Incentives below.

Commercial Solar Installation Types

Shade Structure

Shade Structure

Solar carports or shade structures provide valuable parking lot shade while generating clean energy for reduced utility costs.

Ground Mount

Ground Mount

Ground mounted systems are an option when there is open land space, no available roof space, or a larger system is desired.

Flat rooftop

Flat Rooftop

We use non-penetrating systems to weigh down the framework. Whatever your flat roof is comprised of, we have a solar system that can work with it.



With limitless roof space and consistently high power consumption, farm operations are ideal candidates for solar energy.

Big Solar Savings For Business

Commercial Solar Panels

Trackable Lead Generation

Covington, LA

45 kW system

Solar Poultry Farm building

Poultry Farm Building

Philadelphia, MS

18.55 kW System

solar poultry farm install

Poultry Farm

Collins, MS

22.4 kW

Commercial Solar Incentives

Federal Tax Credit

Businesses receive a 30% tax credit through The Business Energy Investment (ITC) on eligible solar projects.

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Accelerated Depreciation

You can quickly recover another 30-32% through a 5-year tax depreciation schedule with Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery (MACRS).

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Rural Energy for America

Grant up to 25% of total eligible solar project costs for agricultural producers and rural small businesses for solar panel systems.

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Sunpro Makes Solar Power the Right Choice

LED Lighting Upgrades

Let us SHINE some light on your business.

  • Instant On
  • LEDs last up to 25x longer than standard light bulbs
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Replacement cycle costs are drastically reduced
  • Improved ambience illumination: Excellent color consistency & superior lumen maintenance
  • Produces less glare: Higher productivity & safety in the work place.
  • Very low heat generation: Less energy wasted allowing greater savings on air conditioning costs.

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LED lighting

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