Solar Panels Increase Your Home Value


Increase Your Home’s Value by Going Solar

It’s clear that solar panels are a good investment when it comes to saving money, especially over long-term. But you as a homeowner may ask yourself if having solar panels will increase your home value, or hurt it. The resounding answer is solar panels INCREASE home value. By a LOT.


Solar Panels Are Absolutely A Selling Point

While twenty years ago solar panels were a luxury item, more and more people are going solar every single day. Homes that have solar panels already installed are increasingly appealing for people looking for homes because solar panels increase your home value.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories conducted a study and their findings were pretty amazing.


According to the U.S. Department of Energy, research shows that:

Overall, this means that houses with solar panels will get snapped up faster and for more money. Now you’ll be able to use the extra cash for a Hawaiian vacation. After all the work of selling a home is over, you’ll deserve it. Some new developers have even begun to build houses with solar panels already installed in the hopes it will appeal to potential new homeowners.

Increase your home value with solar

An ever increasing number of home and business owners are investing in solar panels. The perks of going green aside, the financial benefits are more than enough to make people take a second look when it comes to making solar a new addition to their house. Your solar panels will help save money on energy costs, and as fossil fuels become scarcer, the cost of grid-produced electricity will only become more and more expensive.

Solar Panels are Practical and Pretty

Solar panels may not have the same curb effect as a Grecian statue, but Sunpro Solar’s solar panel designs are excellent. They can increase your home’s value, as well as it’s appearance with well-planned and executed installation. Consult a Sunpro Solar expert today for more details.

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