Sunpro Solar’s Power Production Guarantee


What is a Power Production Guarantee?

25 Year Warranty Power Production GuaranteeA power production guarantee is similar to a product warranty. It is there to assure you that the solar panels you buy will operate without issues. Should a problem arise, the panels will be repaired or replaced without costing you a cent. Production guarantees differ from warranties in two ways:

  1. Production guarantees state that your solar panels will produce a projected amount of energy.
  2. It also states that your system will have a low rate of decline in performance over the next 25 years.

Because Sunpro Solar ensures 100% satisfaction, we include with every installation:

25 Year Power Production Guarantee by Sunpro
Some companies will over exaggerate the amount of energy that your solar panels will get. If the energy amount isn’t what they said it would be, they face little legal repercussion if their claims weren’t guaranteed, leaving you with the short end of the stick. The contractor is legally obligated to honor their agreement when there’s a production guarantee involved, which therefore protects you in case the panels don’t perform as promised.

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How do you know how much energy your house should get?

Each person’s solar system is customized according to their home’s specifications and design. Many various factors go into this, including the tilt and orientation of the roof, and sun exposure. Once we have this information, the design team will create your home’s solar panel system. When the design is completed, we will estimate how much energy your system will produce.

Sunpro Solar’s Guarantee

In conclusion, here at Sunpro Solar, we strongly believe in our products and our work. Our installations are designed to last 25 or more years and we back our solar arrays with a power production guarantee.

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