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Florida is one of the fastest growing states for solar power. As you might have guessed, the Sunshine State receives an incredible amount of sunshine year round making it a perfect location for solar power.  With the beauty of the pristine beaches, lush forests, and the eleven national parks in Florida, solar panels are a great way to preserve the wildlife and natural beauty of one of America’s best looking states.

Sunpro Solar has offices in Orlando and Tampa. We chose a central location to better serve you.

Florida Solar


Electricity in Florida

Most electricity in Florida actually comes from fossil fuels such as coal. Florida places top ten for most coal used nationwide, importing billions of dollars of coal per year. Having to import coal from across the country drives up prices, consequently Florida has some of the highest prices in the nation. Using coal for electricity (and shipping it across country to use) causes a lot of pollution as well. Coal and natural gas power in Florida produces about 200,000,000 metric tons of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide every year. Carbon dioxide is one of five major green house gasses that the EPA monitors. Sulfur dioxide is a causes acid rain among other issues.

Solar power gives you the option to cut those out of date pollution heavy sources of power to have clean solar power to help better preserve your beaches, forests, swamps as well as wildlife.

Florida’s Solar Incentives

The popularity of home rooftop solar panels continue to increase for more than just environmental concerns. The break even point on solar varies greatly from person to person, but generally falls in the 6-8 year range. The more power costs, the quicker the payback, especially in a state like Florida, which is in the top 15 of electricity costs.

  • Net Metering
  • State Sales Tax Exemption
  • Property Tax Exemption
  • Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit

You can save tens of thousands of dollars due to these federal and state programs!

Solar Power Net Metering in Florida

Net metering is a system that allows home owners to sell electricity back to the power company.  That means you don’t have to consume your the electricity from your solar panel system at the exact moment it is produced. So at night, when your solar panels are resting you can still reap the benefits of the power they created during the day.

When your solar panels make more electricity than your house is using, you actually sell your extra electricity back to the power company. Yes, the meter will run backwards! The power company will send that extra power to other homes in your area. Some months you will create more electricity than you use for the entire month. In that case, you will earn a credit that goes forward to the next month. How great will feel to get a bill where the power company owes YOU money?

While not all states have a net metering policy, Florida does and it will save you a ton of cash. You can use Florida’s endless sunshine to make money while you enjoy the beach. 

Find out more about net metering and why it matters.

State Sales Tax Exemption for Solar Power in Florida

Sales tax varies throughout the state from a minimum of 6% to 8% or more. However, solar panels are exempt from sales tax! So the entire purchase of solar will not have tax added to the price. Residents in Florida start out ahead of the game with thousands of dollars in savings by not paying sales tax.  This is a great bonus for residents of Florida. 

Florida Solar Power System Property Tax Exemption

Increase Value

A solar panel system can increase a home’s value by up to 20 times the annual power bill. Everyone loves increasing their home’s value, however not often the higher tax bill that comes with it. But not in Florida!  Florida endorses the benefit of solar power therefore exempts the increased value on your home from being taxed.

Federal Tax Credit for Solar Panel Systems in Florida

The IRS offers a huge 30% tax credit for the cost of solar power systems which includes both the solar panels and the installation services.  This amazing tax credit is available to all home and business owners in Florida.  The tax credit will not be around forever, therefore you have to act fact. 

Florida Solar Panel Installation Company

Solar Installation

Sunpro Solar installation experts in the process of installing a solar panel system to the roof of a residential home.

Sunpro Solar only installs high-efficiency solar panels.  We utilize the latest micro inverter technology so that you get the most efficiency out of every panel.

Our team of installation professionals have extensive experience and know how to install on any type of roof.  Just ask our thousands of satisfied customers!

We also offer solar panel installation for business owners.

On top of that, Sunpro Solar backs up its solar panels and service!

  • 25 Year Labor Warranty
  • 25 Year Production Guarantee

Sunpro Solar includes a FREE energy audit so your house will be as efficient as possible!

As a result of our great referral program, you can earn enough to pay off your solar panels by referring your friends. That should be enough to want to be the first on your block to Go Solar in Florida!

Ready to go solar?  Contact our team of solar power specialists at 866-450-1012 to find out more and schedule a free appointment! 

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