Arkansas’ First Energy Day Promotes Solar

Arkansas Advanced Energy Association Sunpro Booth

All over the United States, people are embracing renewable power such as solar energy. Named appropriately, “The Natural State”, Arkansas has now made its mark to power the next generation of residents. And it’s not just homeowners who are becoming more interested- politicians and local governments are joining in as well. That includes Governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas. On February 27th, Governor Hutchinson issued a proclamation announcing today as “Arkansas Advanced Energy Day”. The official proclamation took place during the 92nd Session of the Arkansas General Assembly.

Following the announcement, companies in the renewable energy industries, including Sunpro Solar, had exhibits in the State Capitol Rotunda. Our Sunpro Solar representatives were present to answer questions and educate people about the many benefits solar energy brings. This historic day, and future “Arkansas Advanced Energy Days” will help to bring further attention and awareness to the renewable energy industries in the state of Arkansas.

Arkansas is living up to its nickname as the Natural State. Currently, the advanced energy economy contributes $2.8 billion to the state economy, and is home to 770 advanced energy companies, according to an analysis conducted by the UALR Arkansas Economic Development Institute. The official proclamation for Arkansas Advanced Energy Day noted this, stating “Arkansas businesses, public entities, and homeowners are utilizing advanced energy resources in increasing numbers in order to meet customer expectations, generate economic development, and control costs[.]” It also stated “There is clear evidence that advanced energy technologies are producing jobs, saving energy, and expanding the Arkansas economy[.]”

Thanks to the tireless effort of organizations such as the AAEA, renewable energy industries have been able to grow. “More consumers are becoming aware of all the benefits of solar, we’ve seen that demand increase across the state,” stated Katie Neibaum of the AAEA, “so, it’s a great economic success story for us to tell.” We at Sunpro Solar are looking forward to the continued growth of solar in Arkansas, and wish you a happy Arkansas Advanced Energy Day!

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