Arkansas Water Utility Goes Solar

Searcy Water Utilities going Solar

Despite having the nickname of the Natural State, the Arkansas solar market could use a bit more activity. The benefits of installing solar panels huge. They save you money, they save the environment, and they last for an average of 25 years. With all those years of saving money, plus incentives like the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit, now is the best time to make the switch to solar power in Arkansas.

And it seems that people are starting to get the idea. More and more residents have started to install solar panels. Now private and public utility companies are starting to do the same. That includes Searcy Water Utilities. That includes Searcy Water Utilities of Searcy, Arkansas. The utility company is constructing two Arkansas solar farms after they receive approval from the Arkansas Public Service Commission. They are expected to be completed in the first half of 2020, and will generate a total of 5.7 MW of solar energy.

“Over the past year, we have done our due diligence and have concluded that a solar agreement… will greatly benefit our customers by allowing us to reduce costs on electricity,” said Dan Dawson, general manager of Searcy Water Utilities. “This project is going to put us in a better financial position. Just as important, it goes to show that Searcy, Arkansas is continuously improving, part of what makes us one of the greatest communities in the state. With as big a role as renewable energy is going to play in the coming years, I am excited for our kids and grandkids to see these installations and begin to think about their possibilities.”

The electricity produced by this new Arkansas solar farm will allow the utility to run on pure, renewable energy. Less fossil fuels will need to be burned, and so there will be less pollution to ruin the natural beauty of the state. Furthermore, because they’ll be drawing their electricity from their solar array their customers will have lower rates. Since Searcy Water Utilities won’t have to pay such high rates for power, their customers will get to save as well. And it’s all thanks to this Arkansas solar project.

It’s great to see companies and individuals taking advantage of the many benefits of solar energy. Searcy Water Utilities’ new Arkansas solar farm will be the first of many used to power towns and utilities throughout the state.

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