Driving on Sunshine with Solar Electric Cars is the Future

Sono Motors Electric Car

In all likelihood, by now you’ve heard or seen charging stations for electric cars. Have you heard about a solar car that can charge as you drive? The future is here. You may soon be able to charge your electric car just by parking it in the sunshine.

Sion Solar Electric CarSono Motors, a German startup company, is developing a new kind of electric car called the Sion. According to Sion’s website, the Sion is “the first mass-produced electric car that can charge its battery using solar power.” That’s right. Rather than plugging your electric car in to charge it, you can just park it outside while you go to work and have a full battery by the time you head home.

Sono Motor’s current plan is to produce and sell 260,000 electric vehicles. Each electric car will be made with monocrystalline solar panels placed on the hood, rear, roof and sides of the car. The solar panels will be protected by a layer of polycarbonate, which is highly durable and has high impact-resistance. The inside of the Sion is designed to be as sleek and eco-friendly as the outside, such as live moss in the dashboard of the car to help with air filtration. When fully charged, the car should be able to drive over 155 miles. Sono Motor also plans to offer an optional solar battery that can be added to the car, which will allow it to drive even further.

The Sion will be able to recharge itself, but is also being designed to have the capacity to charge other things as well. Similar to how traditional cars can jump-start other cars, the Sion will be able to charge other electric vehicles, and even heavy duty devices of up to 11 kW.

Clearly, people are realizing just how powerful solar energy can be. The solar industry is pioneering a new way to live. Soon, it won’t just be homes and businesses going solar- it’ll be cars, too. Just like traditional vehicles overtook the horse and buggy, electric cars may soon be the standard for current transportation methods – all powered by sunshine. Sunpro Solar is looking forward to what promises to be an exciting ride.

Sion Electric Car Charging

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