Duke Energy Buys 200 MW Texas Solar Farm

Duke Energy Solar Farm Texas

Duke Energy is a large utility company, offering electricity to customers in both North and South Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. With thousands of customers, they need to produce a massive amount of power. Unlike other utility companies, that power from dirty fossil fuels, Duke Energy is setting itself apart. Thanks to its commitment to renewable energy, the company is proving its commitment by investing into the future with the new Texas solar farm.

Once construction is completed in 2020, this newest Texas solar farm will consist of over 709,000 solar panels. It will be built on approximately 1,300 acres. It will provide enough electricity to power roughly 40,000 homes. Up to 400 employees will assist in the construction of this massive solar farm in Texas.

“We’re pleased to add another Texas project to our growing renewables portfolio,” said president of Duke Energy Renewables, Rob Caldwell. “The state has some of the best solar resources in the nation, making it a cost-effective way to meet the energy needs of Texans. Besides clean energy, the project will also bring significant economic benefits to the state.”

This is part of Duke Energy’s overall effort to become more energy efficient. Their ultimate goal is to reduce its carbon emissions to 40% by 2030. They’re well on their way to doing so, and they plan to own or purchase 8,000 MW of renewable energy by 2020. They’ve already lowered their emissions by 31% from their levels in 2005. This Texas solar farm will help them succeed in their ultimate goal.

Called the Holstein solar project, it is being constructed in Nolan County, Texas. Once it’s up and running it will be the largest solar farm in Duke Energy Renewables Fleet. It will be the third Texas solar farm Duke Energy has constructed.

This is a very encouraging trend. Facebook, Mondelez (owner of Ritz Crackers and Oreos), and now Duke Energy are all jumping aboard the green train. They’ve all invested in Texas solar farms to power their businesses. With all these giant corporations starting to invest in solar power, hopefully others will take notice and start doing the same. Once people understand the benefits of solar energy- both environmentally and financially- it’s no wonder why these big companies are making the switch to solar.

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