Facebook to Open Massive Texas Solar Panel Farm

Solar Farm Example for Facebook Texas

Great news for advocates of solar in Texas! The Texas solar market is getting yet another big boost in the Lone Star State, thanks to social media giant, Facebook. In 2018, this global company announced their goal to use 100% renewable energy by 2020. Their goal was to use only renewable energy at all of their facilities worldwide.

Just last year, Facebook’s renewable energy made up 75% of the company’s overall power consumption. This new Texas solar power facility will raise that percentage even higher. Although the goal itself was only announced in 2018, the company’s commitment to using clean, renewable energy has been around for longer than that. In 2017, for example, Facebook opened up a 100-acre data center in Fort Worth, Texas that was powered by wind energy.

facebook solar

The size of this new Texas solar facility will be quite large when it’s completed. The total size of this Texas solar farm will be 4,600 acres and will consist of 3 million solar panels. The name of this project is Prospero Solar Farm. This is a big deal for advocates of solar in Texas. A global company like Facebook building such a big Texas solar farm is very positive for the Texas solar industry. This particular Texas solar farm will also create hundreds of jobs for the everyday operation of the solar farm’s facilities.

Facebook energy strategy manager Peper Freed stated “Facebook is excited to be one of the first companies to use a direct investment to meet our renewable energy goals. We hope such investments can be a new avenue of meaningfully engaging with projects, which might be easier for some companies than a long-term power purchase agreement, thereby unlocking new options for more organizations to meet their goals and grow the market.”

Energy efficiency is a big concern for everyone, including large companies. Residents and utility companies alike are starting to invest in solar installations in Texas. And- surprising as it may be- even massive companies like Shell Energy are starting to look into installing solar. In fact, Shell Energy is working with Facebook to purchase electricity from Prospero Solar Farm. Shell has signed a power purchase agreement lasting 12 years with Facebook. Both companies will share the solar investment tax credits from the solar systems. Hopefully, this move will generate an even bigger boost for solar in Texas.

Solar in Texas, along with other renewable energy industries, has been fast growing. Mainly because solar power in Texas keeps electricity bills low. But the best part, is that it keeps the beautiful Texas landscapes pristine. Good on Facebook for taking this step and going solar. And good on Shell Energy for looking for cleaner, better ways to power people’s homes. Sunpro Solar looks forward to seeing the Prospero Solar Farm join the growing solar scene in the Lonestar State.

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