Largest Private Solar Farm in Arkansas is Now Online

Largest Private Arkansas Solar Farm

The Natural State has just become a little more natural. A farmer, Don Kittler Jr., has just completed construction of the largest, privately owned solar farm in Arkansas. So not only will he be growing completely organic soybeans, rice and corn, he will be using clean, solar energy to do so.

Running a farm takes a lot of power, and the larger the farm, the larger the electric bill. Kittler said that last year alone, the total electric costs were more than $400,000. “Through irrigation wells, grain drying, storage- 90% of my energy needs are created right here,” Kittler said. Realizing that solar power could help him save all that money, Kittler began to look into investing in solar panels.

Kittler was able to install his solar farm in Arkansas after taking advantage of incentives such as the Federal Solar Tax Credit. 8,600 solar panels were installed across 20 acres of land, and will help 10,000 acres of produce to be maintained and harvested sustainably. It is also equipped with a weather center that will adjust the tilt of the solar panels to follow the sun. Although the solar panels won’t produce more energy than the farm needs, it will reduce it in a big way. The rest of the electricity the farm needs will be pulled from the Entergy Arkansas grid. Entergy Arkansas has taken steps to use more renewable energy as well, which means that the power Kittler’s solar farm in Arkansas pulls from the grid may still be green. Now that it’s been switched on, Kittler’s solar farm will produce roughly 3 MW of electricity a year.

Kittler is very excited to have his new solar farm in Arkansas up and running. “It’s good to know the switch is on,” he said. “We’re putting it back out now. It’s making money, you know, it’s doing it’s thing.”

Project manager, Craig Shelton was likewise pleased. “This is a beautiful sight,” Shelton said. “This is the day we’ve been waiting on. Kittler and his team have worked on this project for the past year.”

And now that the solar farm in Arkansas is up and operating, they can reap their rewards. This is a wonderful example of how a solar project can work in tandem with privately-owned businesses. They not only give great savings to the owner, but also keep the environment healthy and clean. And if anyone knows the importance of keeping the environment green and growing, it’s a farmer.

Sunpro Solar is pleased to see the solar market in Arkansas growing. We handle the process of going solar from start to finish, making it easy and stress-free for you. If you want to learn more about how switching to solar can save, give us a call!

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