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Solar Batteries – The Game Changer

Tesla Powerwall - Solar battery

Not too long ago, solar panels and solar batteries were considered luxury items for movie stars, or maybe really dedicated hippies. Now it’s becoming an incredibly affordable and even common home improvement.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), we’ve reached 2 million solar installations across the United States in 2019. And they predict that the number of installations will double by 2023.

Solar panels produce free energy for you to use- this you already know. But what happens to the excess energy produced that you don’t use? In most situations, homes tend to be grid tied, so it goes to the power company who runs your grid. This is called Net Metering. But there’s a new option out there for you to look at- storing it in a solar battery.

When Your Solar Panels Could Use a Battery Backup

When a house is grid-tied, most utility companies will offer customers with solar panels an option called Net Metering. Net Metering means when your panels produce more energy than you use, that extra energy is sent to the utility grid. The utilities company will then credit your account for that extra energy, which lowers your monthly energy bill. If your panels have an especially productive month, your next electric bill could be as little as $0. You can’t get much lower than that!

Though net metering is a great system, there is one drawback. If your solar panel system is grid-tied, during a power outage your house is dark just like everyone else’s. Your panels cannot convert the energy they produce into electricity for you to use in case of a blackout. No matter how much energy your panels produce for you, you’ll be unable to use it. This can be a massive headache, especially for people living in areas that have severe weather.

That’s why solar batteries are such an amazing game changer.

Saving Your Solar Energy

Solar batteries are a game changer, and we’re using more of them every day with our solar panels. Instead of using the grid when there’s little to no sunlight, a battery lets you use the excess energy that your panels produced earlier. This means that you are increasingly free from the ever-growing and continuously fluctuating prices of your utility company (link to Mississippi power raising prices blog). And as both solar panels and solar batteries become more efficient and less expensive, your savings and independence only increase over time.

A solar battery backup attached to your home will allow you to store the excess energy that your panels produce. The stored energy will be available to use when your panels aren’t generating enough electricity to power your whole house. This is typically at night, or during rainy days. In addition, a solar battery pack will allow you to have power during a blackout until the grid comes back on.

Different batteries differ in their capacity vs. their power. That’s basically how much energy they can store, vs. how long they can last. A battery that has high capacity but low power would deliver a lower amount of energy to your home. It would be enough to run important appliances like your refrigerator, lasting a longer time. A

tesla powerwall

battery with low capacity and higher power means that your house would be able to run as usual, but for a shorter time.

Choosing Your Solar Battery Brand

Sunpro Solar uses high quality brands such as Tesla Powerwall Batteries for solar battery installations. Tesla batteries are known for their reliability, and their outstanding performance. Their batteries are made with the highest quality components, and with the latest technology.

Sunpro Solar will give you the energy saving experience you deserve, whether it’s installing your solar panels, or setting up a battery pack. Sunpro Solar has a variety of different battery types from different vendors available for you to look at. Our consultants will be more than happy to help you make the best choice with the most information.

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